you, a reasonable human being: software is really bad, wow. maybe developers should try harder?

me, a software developer, shivering with anxiety, sublime text open with twelve projects: I M T R Y I N G

@garbados anyway

humans are pretty bad at multitasking

so please only work on one project at a time

@hirojin ya, no multitasking moment-to-moment, but i do have a huge stable of half-finished shit about which i feel very strongly 😬

@garbados maybe you'd have a lot more time if you'd FEEL LESS ANXIOUS…

…i type while trying to figure out to get less depressed & anxious too…

@hirojin yeah my plan there is EXIT FASCISM and i’m hoping it helps 😬👍

@garbados I am working on one project now but shit is still pretty hard?


Yep. Also management is an important part of the equation. Many software projects start with unrealistic expectations. The result is low quality software, stressed out staff, and pissed off customers.

@garbados my sister is trying to get colleges to teach basic secure input techniques in introductory CSCI courses.

In 2018.

Over half a century after we knew (as an industry) that it needed to be done.

There's way more to be done than any individual can get their arms around.

@garbados I used to think that developers could wave a magic wand and cure all software ills

I've had the luxury of programming for a "customer base" of one (me), and between fighting my tools and feature/scope creep, I've wisely concluded that nothing is further from the truth.

Luckily, I got this lesson without all the other crap an actual software developer has to deal with.

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