javascript, serverless software patterns 

i wrote an essay about software patterns and doing social stuff in a p2p environment:

> Kill Your Server And Get Back To Bed: Patterns for Serverless Applications

javascript, serverless software patterns 

@garbados I think I may have misunderstood what you were talking about when you were talking about client-side only apps earlier.

This is very neat. 😁👍🏻

@garbados your website overflows on 1024x768 resolution V_V

@oreolek i just noticed that tonight actually. working on it...

@oreolek fixed it, but for some reason all the code blocks are messed up too 🤦‍♀️

javascript, serverless software patterns 

@garbados I like the approach pretty much, but also see a bunch of pitfalls to consider in this, talking reliability, security, data integrity, that kind of stuff. As everything else, it pretty much seems to depend upon actual use cases...

javascript, serverless software patterns 


Nice essay.
Used this way, #JavaScript is as secure as any other program from the Web.

However I saw a contradiction in your essay:

> All your app logic has to be done in JavaScript, or something that compiles to JS

> Although this blogging application relies heavily on JavaScript, the public version can just be static HTML and CSS. You can even use this templating approach to publish an RSS feed for your blog!

What did you meant?

javascript, serverless software patterns 

@Shamar thanks for reading!

i meant that one website using javascript could publish another website that doesn’t use javascript. does that make sense?

javascript, serverless software patterns 

@garbados Finally got to reading this - and yay good *real* serverless stuff! I need to get around to playing with Beaker & Dat.

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