@garbados might as well say "built by lazy developers out of spite without a care for accessibility" I instantly distrust any website that requires javascript to function unless it is in-fact a SPA/PWA.


> lazy developers

sometimes i don't think it's their choice. a lot of this weird stuff gets passed down to, for example, facilitate tracking.

@garbados re-reading what I wrote I think it comes off as overly facetious.

You're right, of course it's not always the developers choice.

To clarify what I meant by what I said is that it takes a lot more effort to make a website fail back to a non-javascript version that works nicely than to simply disable the site as a whole when javascript isn't available. I didn't even think about the whole facilitating tracking 😅

@carbontwelve ah, i understand your perspective better now though. decent fallbacks from js are so rare i forget they’re possible 🤦‍♀️ they just send you six megs of react and a little h1 in noscript that reads “fuck off”

@garbados To borrow a phrase from a demoscene friend, perhaps we need to threaten webdevs with sending them to Atari 2600 programming camp
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