someone told me "2003 was the best year for software" and i kinda thought about it

and then i got really sad

"ah, a 2003 build! good year for software, that."


2003 'ware 

it's gonna be 2080 and i'll still be preaching the gospel of the music player that is just a hard drive with a headphone jack

I use a Sansa Clip Zip with a 64GB SD card and sync it with my music library (and audiobook and podcast directories) using Unison. People on the train ask me about it occasionally.

2080 hard currency.

"Sure, I can do it, for the right fee ... Got any Sansas?"

@garbados This though. When my iPod Classic's HDD finally wouldn't sync anymore, I went looking for something like this and there was nothing easy to get. Everything was expensive, didn't ship to me, or both.

I'd really like an MP3 player with Bluetooth as well as a 3.5mm port, and that takes microSDs for expandable storage. You wouldn't think that's hard to get, but...

(I'm not confident enough in my skills with electronics or programming to try to make one.)

My second ever MP3 player was built into the headphones. I think it only had 512mb of storage. Connecting it with the default usb cable of the day made it behave like a USB drive. If you wanted to skip to a certain album (I could never fit more then 5 or 6) you had to skip through every number of the album's that came before. It had no display.

This was way before Bluetooth headphones were a thing, and it's still the most satisfying wireless music solution I've ever owned.

"Got my first real clickwheel
Oooh it was the summer of 2003
Oh yeah"

re: 2003 'ware 

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