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it's taken many years but i've come a long way. i never gave up on coding because it was too dear to me as a form of expression, but for a while it inevitably involved a meltdown. i never wanted to let those bastards take the craft from me, and though i still melt down sometimes, they never did take it. i feel more committed than ever to the stewardship of the craft and i feel more fulfilled than ever by what i accomplish.

tech ptsd, industry 

it feels pretty weird that so many other devs i know have tech-related ptsd, like that it's just standard to the profession. of course you'll develop stress tremors and debilitating triggers; of course you'll be used and abused; but we're building The Future!! by killing people. besides, the pay is good, right? why complain? 🤦‍♀️

the consequences of our craft require a higher standard, both for our practices and our treatment.

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tech ptsd, solidarity! 

if you're dealing with tech ptsd, i feel you. i'm with you. so many are, and together we are strong! there is no shame in walking away from the craft if it doesn't fulfill you, or in staying with it just for the money. we all do what we have to do to survive, and your survival is worthwhile no matter what the depression tells you. you didn't deserve what happened, and someday it will never happen to anyone! ✊ ❤️

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