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it's taken many years but i've come a long way. i never gave up on coding because it was too dear to me as a form of expression, but for a while it inevitably involved a meltdown. i never wanted to let those bastards take the craft from me, and though i still melt down sometimes, they never did take it. i feel more committed than ever to the stewardship of the craft and i feel more fulfilled than ever by what i accomplish.

tech ptsd, industry 

it feels pretty weird that so many other devs i know have tech-related ptsd, like that it's just standard to the profession. of course you'll develop stress tremors and debilitating triggers; of course you'll be used and abused; but we're building The Future!! by killing people. besides, the pay is good, right? why complain? 🤦‍♀️

the consequences of our craft require a higher standard, both for our practices and our treatment.

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tech ptsd, industry 

@garbados I've been there... turbo-charged out of my mind and couldn't figure out why I hand hand tremors, and sudden onset memory issues.

I had to step back and be part of a COOP... employee owned let me take some control of my stress levels...

of course now I find increasingly mundane and unlikely things to stress about... :)

tech ptsd, industry 

@garbados furthermore, it is fascinating that we all have similer experiences in our chase after the almight dollar...


tech ptsd, industry 

@TheGibson i draw strength from the commonality of our experiences ✊ and i'm really happy to hear working as a coop has helped your health and all ❤️

tech ptsd, industry 

@garbados oh, for real... I had no idea...

I forgot what it was like to be in control.

and the end of year profit sharing is nice too!

In truth, the company I work for has given me my life and health back... I feel certain that by this point I would have developed a serious health issue had I stayed at MASSIVE HEALTHCARE (tm)

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