the alternate universe where jobs do not refer to employment but rather to clones of steve jobs. in fact, no one is employed. everything is done by steve jobs.

@garbados @djsundog Everything would be perfectly designed, and customer service would be "YOU ASSHOLE! YOU MORON! I WILL BURY YOU IN SHIT!" not so great.

@mdhughes @djsundog luckily they only treat each other that way. customer service follows a tight script.

@garbados @djsundog Imagine Steve sitting in orientation being told to follow a customer service 3-ring binder, and the inventive sabotage that'd follow would bring down civilization. I admired the hell out of him, but he was like pure id.

@mdhughes @djsundog pure id is right. the myth of him and the man of him are worlds apart.

@garbados @djsundog I recommend anyone ignore "biographies", and read and talk to Mac/NeXTstep nerds who worked around him.

His behavior didn't make for a nice person, so much, but great at one specific task.

@theoutrider JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! *an army of black turtlenecks marches down the thoroughfare*

@garbados nobody who wants Jobs should be without one, and it is important for at least someone in families to have Jobs, etc

@garbados I hate my Jobs *gestures vaguely to Steve asleep in the corner in his underwear*

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