your company might contribute to foss but

- are you unionized?
- why not?

@garbados With luck the makerspace I'm working on building will have 4-5 staff (of which I'll be one) and be looking to support open source projects in-house.

How many people are needed to start a union? Being the owner means I can't be in it though, right?


> how many people does a union need

minimum 2, i figure, as that is the smallest number of workers required for them to work together.

> being the owner means i can't be in it

maybe not but you can support its organization and welcome its existence. there's no need for an adversarial relationship in collective bargaining.

@garbados @Sci


You need three to be able to not deadlock on decision making votes.

@garbados @Sci you don't have to *start* a union, staff can join an existing general union like (in .uk) the TUC, Unite, IWW, etc. Even if there's only one of them eligible, they still benefit from that membership

@garbados Thanks! I've been working on my own for the last decade. I want to do this right, and I'm still not convinced the co-op model is best for a small engineering workshop. But top-down also has it's problems, even when small.

The flip side of this is Japanese labor unions run by the companies themselves as controlled opposition. Cooperation is good, but I could see how a union supported by and welcomed by the employer would run the risk of looking like a puppet, regardless of the facts.

I don't know what to do about that, prove people wrong through action, I suppose. But then you're in adversarial mode, for performance reasons.
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