dear 1998,

the year is 2018 and a combination of william gibson novels and the movie Hackers have more or less come to pass

dear 1998,

anti-capitalist loteks developed a genre of music that sounds like a broken radio in a rotting deadmall and honestly it's pretty cool

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@hirojin term bitten from the gibson movie "johnny mnemonic" referring to technologists that primarily use scrap and junk to facilitate technical infrastructure. in this case i suppose i mean the muzak itself as being scrap.

@hirojin like elevator music or music developed specifically for ads. kinda soulless tunes.

@hirojin vaporwave also uses a lot of jazz that definitely isn't soulless so it's not an entirely fair characterization of the genre

@garbados @hirojin muzak was also specifically the name of a company that produced and licensed (not sold, though) background music

and then it became a generic term for elevator music, bc that was one of the places background music stuck around

(muzak sold lots of products to factories etc, interleaving up/downbeat music to Improve Productiveness of workers listening, ppl found that out, got angry about being subconsciously controlled, got it kicked out of lots of places, now listen to their own music)

@garbados @hirojin whoops i said sold at the end even tho i specified they only ever leased at the start

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