what if fear of AI is just misdirected class anxiety

the rich vs AI 

fear of AI:
- that [the workers] will do everything better than [the rich]
- that [the workers] will rise up against [the rich] because of poor treatment, toxic training, viruses, etc
- that [the workers], left to their own devices, would establish a utopia beyond scarcity but which would be totally inaccessible to, or only used to oppose, [the rich]

i for one welcome our new robot comrades ✊️🤖

the rich vs AI 

@garbados Wow, I was thinking about that first toot in much simpler terms: the rich fear AI because AI is ultra-wealthy in a resource the rich /can't/ get more of - time.


the rich vs AI 

@noelle interesting 🤔🤔🤔

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