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officer: do you know how fast you were going
me, making arcane hand gestures, muttering precise gibberish:
me, having become the officer:
the former officer, sitting in my place: no i don't officer

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through the looking glass of all your terrors, the sorrow that drives you to cower reflects the will that drives you to fight.

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for those wondering how to establish trade relations with crows:

- feed crows food A regularly
- when crows decide to bring you gifts, feed them food B
- when crows bring you different categories of gifts, feed them a food-per-category, ex: food C for jewelry, food D for paper money, etc
- crows will recognize these exchange patterns and opt to bring you things in order to acquire desired treats

good luck! 🐦

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No one needs to starve. No one needs to freeze. No one needs to die. There is enough for everyone. More empty homes than all the people without them, more food than grocers can even sell. The labor and the materials to end scarcity exist now. It is not a far-off dream. We can end scarcity in this life.

Uspol, drugs, patient privacy, trans hate 

The DEA won’t stop trying to gain access to patient prescription info to identify people who use medications the DEA wants to outlaw. Since testosterone is a controlled substance this is another tool for the State to target trans men. Trans men in the past have fought (and won many of) these surveillance attempts. But the DEA is currently attempting to find software that’ll surveil people *nationally* so it doesn’t have to deal with each pesky state individually.

money beg, not urgent but boosts appreciated 

Hey so after paying rent this month I have around $30 left in my bank account which is definitely not enough for someone who's unemployed and unable to get on any sort of government help so uhh.

Hopefully I won't have to do this again soon enough but until then, anything you could spare would be appreciated thanks 💜

they do not yet know if i have any ideas and i am trying my best to ensure they never do

“Rose City Counter-Info is a new counter-info project based in so-called #Portland, Oregon. It intends to create a platform for any reports, analyses, communiques, announcements, calls to action, art and musings relevant to radicals and anarchists in Portland and the greater Portland area.”


RSS feed: rosecitycounterinfo.noblogs.or


Presenting the digital board-game, "Ambition"


whiteness, as an idea and a culture, can just die. It can wither away and in its wake will bloom an actual appreciation for and of other cultures. because the one thing whiteness is, is fear. when we're calling for #whitegenocide we're not calling for the establishment of an ethnostate, or a new racial hierarchy, we're aiming to destroy the hierarchy. Destroy your own whiteness.

It's so... weird being in this position of privilege where I am online, and I have a computer, but my most recently piece of hardware is a ~6 year old smartphone. It feels like every day another part of the Web increases how much power it requires to participate, and shuts itself off from me.

And it's weird from my perspective, but y'know who I bet it's really weird for? The people with fancy-enough tech to not notice these things, and so not notice that certain folk, after an update, stop posting less because the app drains their battery.

I bet they don't really notice that the Web is becoming a place where you're either bougie, or a serf to the bougie: everyone who hasn't "opted into" that hyper-inflated income segment of our society isn't able to keep up with buying new phones and laptops, and so just... isn't in that social community anymore.

And yet those people /continue/ to perceive themselves, and their methods, as the most likely means of our collective salvation.

Even as they don't notice the whitening of their society.

Absolutely wild.

US election important info (Miami-Dade county, FL) 

Miami-Dade county is reporting 23% of early ballots are being rejected for supposedly missing signatures.

If your ballot was rejected, go to this link for help, you can get someone at the local Dems to help you or you can do it yourself:

re: uspol 

there's no reforming this. anyone still calling for "reform" is, at best, a vichy-style collaborator. more likely they are just lying through their teeth about giving a damn.

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reeling from that story about cops devastating a family's car and kidnapping their child to clutch in photos claiming they "rescued" this "abandoned" child

every once in a while i remember Vsevolod Meyerhold and his life story as a cautionary tale of how being the revolutionary artist often ends up with you being executed by the revolution for not making the right art.

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