I like both toot.cat and wandering.shop, but I find myself posting more on the latter, so I think I'll move all my posts there because switching back and forth on my tablet is getting annoying (even though the apps support it now).

So! Please follow me if you like at @gannet

There might be several hackeysack photos over the next few days. She had such fun with it!

i was about to upload my cat's photo, and it seems it's vanished somewhere... toot.cat/media/_M0x4fvSedlim-r


it's hot weather here but okada the cat still loves a winter blanket from costco whole sale. :)

If cats had sporting events, do you suppose Sleep Gymnastics would be a thing?

So okay, I don't understand most of the release notes but here's some things I like the look of in the imminent version: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

- Language filters in local and federated timelines
- Muting notifications per conversation (untagging yourself, kinda)
- Users can block whole instances
- Better media view on profiles?!
- Emoji tooltips
- Direct messages will be more obvious (lighter envelope icon)

#Mastodon #meta


If you like #Mastodon, maybe consider supporting financially, even a little bit, say $1 per month?


LOADS of volunteer-run stuff dies due to lack of funding, and a reliable regular income makes a huge difference. Plus @gargron and co. work really really hard on this! cybre.space/media/VaK4zt6hxspY

Friends, cats and other mastodon users - are you ready and willing to do some SCIENCE?

I am asking because I have made this survey about the difference between being on Twitter and being on Mastodon, and would appreciate you taking three minutes of your time to fill it out


Thank you for reading. May good things come your way

I sat on the couch after putting the kettle on. Shadow jumped up and pinned me down right before it boiled: impeccable timing, as ever. Fortunately, there are other people in this house who can pour the tea.

If she's asleep like this, she's really comfortable and deeply asleep.

#Announcement #Mastodon
We are Live with our first iteration of joinmastodon.org/ which is going to serve as the Mastodon landing page for new users.

It is still a Work In Progress, but we are now sufficiently far along to be able to share it with you.
We want to make it easier for new users to join up.

Feedback thread

But you know what's even cuter than a damselfly ? A tiny tiny frog on a bed of moss.

This tiny Eastern Sedgefrog (Litoria fallax) grows to only 3cm long. (this one is obviously smaller than that).

For the technically minded, this shot was lit very quickly with three speedlights. I got one crack at it before it decided to hop off somewhere less bright.


Cat's name: Shadow
Cat actually gets called: Shadow, Kittypuss, Inspector Kitty, Kitty Bean, Catapuss, Noodle.

@gannet there were cats. And also I booped my own toot from earlier, but there was a cat, so.

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boop to live with the mystery
bap to pet the ASCII cat

I need to look at cats before I go sleep. Are there cats?

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