Hello, everyone! A quick on the upcoming meeting for the fork.

The meeting will take place tomorrow (Sunday, 8th July) at 7 PM UTC.

The meeting will be done via Discord. This is currently the most accessible option for now, although we are planning to move to another system like Matrix later. You can join the Discord here:

This account is managed by and @Satsuma. You can message either of us for questions.

If you're specifically interested in what's going to happen next meeting, the agenda is up here:

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>Vote on if Laurelai, Maloki and PaulFerence, should be allowed to be nominated for the nominating committee, which will work to help get a diverse Committee for the initiative.

Every group has its biases. Depending what they are the vote will be different.
For me it seems like if the intend is to challenge that, is to open it to anyone that wants to participate. Meaning designing the 'commitee' to a 'plattform' instead.

If you want to have some hierarical governance, what speaks against
democratic confederalism as practiced in #rojava?

>This is currently the most accessible option for now

what does make matrix or other #webRTC like #jitsi less accessible?
Is that caused by the design of the software or simply because those that are part of the fork use #discord instead of something else?

@clar @Satsuma

@paulfree14 the fact that most people already have an account is the main draw, yeah - but also we've got about a million threads which is a bit more complex than most chat apps support & we're currently using reactions for voting

If you've got any technology suggestions, we've got a page on our wiki for infrastructure proposals

since I'm not involved in #forkofftogether I prefer to just write it here, in case something comes to my mind. when people like they can just pick it up.

taiga (already mentioned, is the most powerfull project manager that I came across. Through its different roles it can be simple or more complicated to use)
the all in one solution for organizing a project

nextcloud (disroot offers that too)

forum, CalDav, cloud, chat,

@clar @Satsuma @forktogether Is it too late to add "Metrodon" to the list of possible names? I mentioned it the other day and the people who replied liked it (biased sample, of course). Not a big deal either way.

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