#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours, emergency 

My landlord just tried to evict me, with a 72 hour notice, using his partner (my friend from the ISO) as the witness.

I refused to take the paperwork and backed away, he got loud and and lunged at me, I yelled "no stop" and tried to get back, knocked stuff off a shelf of his as I moved away fast.

I called my lawyer once I was safe.

Please boost, I need a place to stay.


#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours 

I'm doing a stream to try to raise cash for this.

I need enough to pay for my car repairs ($750-ish) and to cover my phone bill ($55-ish) and enough to cover gasoline ($35 for a tank) to somewhere I can pitch my tent.

Right now, I have $7.32, so I've got some distance to make up. I think if I start now, Amazon Mechanical Turk might give me a few dollars.

The rest...idk, i just don't know why i never get time to rest and heal.

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#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours 

I will be streaming project work this evening, if anyone wants to stop by and offer verbal support.

The stream is on Mixer (as well as elsewhere):
(I'm jakimfett everywhere)

If you want to interact, here's the Discord link:

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I'm writing a guidebook for activism.

Dear world,
is online.

My insurance company hasn't paid my disability this year.
I'm being evicted.
I'm trying to somehow produce enough benefit to the community that people can risk spending their money, right now, to help me out.

Please share this with others, and on other social networks.

Good activism tools help us all.
Help me stay alive, please?

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sleepytessa, passionate call to action featuring uspol references behind a #liberapay link 

I added a bunch of info about my soon-and-future-plans if I can just get a safe place to stay, and enough money to pay for food and minions and parts.

Feedback appreciated.

I will be getting projects online, such as crowdfunding campaigns for specific bits of the hardware necessary for the next stage of my plans, soon.

But for now I need to rest.

Stay safe, friends.

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mh (-), financial emergency, housing needed, pdx, please boost? 

Anything helps.
A boost helps a bunch.
Please, if nothing else, spread word of my plight and need.

I am out of time, I still have back rent owed, and i kinda just want to stop existing.

help me survive?

things are bad rn

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automated space communism 

We need a functioning system before we can worry about luxuries.

Lend me your ear, friend.
I have a hopeful story to tell you.

vote with your money.

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bare necessities of survival, financial need, ongoing 

If you can help me out with a dollar or three, literally anything helps.

I updated the total I need in the gofundme page:

Will be pushing an update to once I'm completely off hardline networking.

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youtube, cpr, help needed, please share and boost. 

When doing chest compressions, hum the tune of "Staying Alive" to keep the correct rhythm.

More info:

Please support functional automated pre-space communism.

One unit of your local currency every month, from each of you, would more than cover my basic needs and allow me to offer better lives to my minions and interns.

Tessa Lovelace

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Financial need, ongoing, status update, May 1st deadline 

My insurance company didn't pass on the documentation for 2018 to the people making the disability determination.

So, now, they're no longer denying that I have a disability, they're just denying that it exists in 2018.

I have eviction court on Monday, May 1st, and I'm trying to be out of my current place by then to make the proceedings moot.
Please share?

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homelessness, pdx, immediate housing need, long term housing need 

Until my insurance payments start happening again, I can't afford rent, and I have no provable income.

So, this weekend is it for me.
No money, can't work, disability may take another 3 months.

Good thing it's summer.
Winter homelessness is worse.

I need provable income to afford housing, and Liberapay can give me that.

Please share and boost?

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eviction on Friday, basically Fury Road, why not go all the way 

My car is currently undriveable.
Eviction is this Friday, because the judge only gave me 7 days instead of the 2 weeks I said I needed.

As soon as the plasma cutter and welder arrive, I'll be upgrading my car a bit.

Am looking at this sort of a design, treaded vehicles are better than tyres any day of the week, especially in the wilds.

Am planning to use recycled tyres to make the treads.

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financial need, immediate, uspol mention 

Justice costs money.

I need $3,500 to beat the criminal and civil charges against me, and $6k to file charges against the officers who assaulted and brutalized me on the 4th.

Please, if you cannot contribute, share here and on other social media.

I prefer LiberaPay:

But, I also have a GoFundMe:

Anything helps.

online soon.

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#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours, emergency 

@eryn that is way illegal. call the police on his ass. and yeah a lawyer is good. i'd get a gun if i were you.

#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours, emergency 

@lukespacewalker i've trained in multiple martial arts on three continents, am a blacksmith with my own tools, and am an engineer with a bent for mad science.

Why the hell would I want a crude explosion powered peashooter, which in addition to being easily used as a weapon against me, is just going to get in the way if I have to actually prevent damage.

Remember, I'm a pacifist.

#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours, emergency 

@lukespacewalker keep in mind, I'm an Anarchist Pirate Sith Witch Pacifist, so that denotation of non-violence comes with a social contract.

I will not be violent.

I *will* prevent you from harming me or someone I love, through overwhelming and brutally gentle application of years of training prepared for just such a circumstance as this.

I planned for this.
I do this my way.



With honor and a diamond-hard will.

#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours, emergency 

@eryn get two guns. blow the goddam landlord to hell. that is all that landlords who break and enter and threaten are good for. it is the law. it is called defending your castle against it being broken into and self defense. it is the same world wide.
but if you do not want to use a gun, that is also your right.
i choose to use whatever i want anytime i want for any reason if i feel i need to defend myself.

polite but negative response to a rather overwhelming toot, punctuation. 

@lukespacewalker no thank you.

#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours, emergency 

@eryn did you ever see el dorado?

#pdx, assault, eviction, 72 hours, emergency 

@eryn I'm terribly sorry to hear this happened; mortified even. I do hope for the best outcome.

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