Hello Mastodon! This is the Boulder Valley Democratic Socialists of America group, ready for action! We'll be tooting about any events and actions we undertake. To start with, we have working groups for both Medicare for All and Housing Justice. See our site for details.

@dredmorbius Colorado, sorry. It says that in our profile at least. XD


@BoulderDSA @dredmorbius how's things over in Colorado?

Do we have positive confirmation of the validity of this account from an official source?

There's not been a lot of activity here, and it makes me wonder.

@dredmorbius @eryn Our chapter is still getting set up - we don't even have our website running yet. Once we do this account will be listed there. And I'm slightly out of the loop because I deleted my facebook account and thus can't see events there, and we don't have another good method for sharing events yet. XD

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