I'm Tessa,
aka `jakimfett`.

Ætherperson, Architect, Engineer, Poet, Scholar, Pirate, Storyweaver

I've also been known as:
* The Flavel Fixer
* Captain Jak
* LightningGoggles
* BOfH and PFY
* "cevin"
* Pirate Ninja Samarai Nightclaw Shaman half-Ork Germanish Humanoid
* and occasionally, Todd, Ryu, or Beast.
(thank you!) <-- me_irl

I will fix your computer/phone/car/house/etc if you ask nicely.

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Here's more of an of me:

As much as a can be without crossing the line into violence, I am rather aggressively anti-cop.

If you *are* a cop, consider this next bit for you.

I will assume you are harming me, my tribe, my people, and my neighbors on an active and ongoing basis, through a variety of means, whether you intend and/or are aware of it or not.

Your perception of a situation does not matter.

You will need to prove you aren't a shit human to me *consistently* for me to believe you aren't actively harming those around you.

I will treat you as a dangerous hostile in all situations, and you will never get the benefit of the doubt.

Context, for this, if you need any more evidence than history, is my encounter with several individuals wearing badges and guns, who beat me and refused to take responsibility for their unwarrented aggression.

I raised my voice.

Not a weapon.

Be very, very glad I chose not to raise a weapon.

Ways you can support me and my family with your extra $0.71 or more:

Via GoFundMe ():

Via Patreon ():

Via Ko-fi ():

(original post was


Or by getting me something I need from my Amazon () wishlist:


All additional funds get poured into making affordable housing a reality for my tribe, my people, and ideally my planet (and others?).

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