I'm Tessa,
aka `jakimfett`.

Ætherperson, Architect, Engineer, Poet, Scholar, Pirate, Storyweaver

I've also been known as:
* The Flavel Fixer
* Captain Jak
* LightningGoggles
* BOfH and PFY
* "cevin"
* Pirate Ninja Samarai Nightclaw Shaman half-Ork Germanish Humanoid
* and occasionally, Todd, Ryu, or Beast.
(thank you!) <-- me_irl

I will fix your computer/phone/car/house/etc if you ask nicely.

#introductions pt2 

analytical, genderqueer, angry feminist, semi-professional know-it-all, pacifist, transhumanist, kinky/poly/lgbtq+/pet/child/420/etc friendly af, security officer, mechanical/software/civil/architectural engineer, open source technomancer, occasional drinker of mediocre foods.

I fly the flag of the Audacious Space Pirates:

"We are the angry pacifists.
We desire peace and understanding.
Assault us at your peril."

Practice kindness.
Remember to breathe.

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AMA, reddit, introductions meta 

Here's some of the stuff I do, if you're on the aliensite, feel free to ask me anything:

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meta meta, boost okay, play nice 

regardless of what we boost, fave, or interact with, my policy on harassment of marginalized individuals is the same as my policy for all flawed humans:

Pick on someone your own size.

Bullies get the boot.

And if you've been called a bully, and disagree?
My message to you?

Keep reading.
This is for you.

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meta meta 

Do better.

Do better, and I'll consider treating you as something other than a hostile to protect my people from, but also to be learned from, observed from a safe distance, and carefully encouraging towards a slightly less shitty path.

Block me, my instance, or whatever you want.

I may block you back.

Or mute you.

Depends on why I've noticed you.

That one's mostly on you, my tolerance for bull shyte and backstabbing is great but definitely not infinite.


Send me constructive feedback, or a suggestion for a moderation tool, and I'll analyze it, deconstruct it, and fold it in with my other plans to 'fix' the fediverse.

This is a marathon, and we're all running the same general direction.

Survival, individually, and as a community, is my priority.

If survival offends, you are the problem.

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meta meta, moderation 

Three self-moderation adjacent tools I'd like to have:

1) the ability to approve boosts
2) the ability to feature someone on my profile, like a 'latest toots from @accountname' box or something. Or even a single toot.
3) the ability to comment on a boosted toot, that didn't require the uncertainty of pasting a link and my instance caching the metadata/content/context correctly?

Is it possible to pin toots from other users, @woozle ?

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current mood, mh (+), selfie, !eyecontact (eyes obscured) 

just breathing today.

maybe some light cleaning.

probably tea.

(Attached image is of an enby, tilting towards the viewer a sun hat with the words "do not disturb" in flowing script. Their face is obscured, but the red of their shirt contrasts with the dark blue of the hat.)

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mh (~) 

I had to let go of my fear of being disconnected.

I will lose people I love.
That is intrinsic to life,
but moreso as more of us resist.

I cannot let my fear tether me
to communication channels,
or perspectives.

My pride is a seductive thing,
I cannot be effective without laying it down.

I will admit I am afraid.
I will admit I am wrong.
I will admit defeat.

I will admit I need help.

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Here's more of an of me:

As much as a can be without crossing the line into violence, I am rather aggressively anti-cop.

If you *are* a cop, consider this next bit for you.

I will assume you are harming me, my tribe, my people, and my neighbors on an active and ongoing basis, through a variety of means, whether you intend and/or are aware of it or not.

Your perception of a situation does not matter.

You will need to prove you aren't a shit human to me *consistently* for me to believe you aren't actively harming those around you.

I will treat you as a dangerous hostile in all situations, and you will never get the benefit of the doubt.

Context, for this, if you need any more evidence than history, is my encounter with several individuals wearing badges and guns, who beat me and refused to take responsibility for their unwarrented aggression.

I raised my voice.

Not a weapon.

Be very, very glad I chose not to raise a weapon.

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Ways you can support me and my family with your extra $0.71 or more:

Via GoFundMe ():

Via Patreon ():

Via Ko-fi ():

(original post was


Or by getting me something I need from my Amazon () wishlist:


All additional funds get poured into making affordable housing a reality for my tribe, my people, and ideally my planet (and others?).

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poverty meta, injury by cop ramifications 

We need shoes.

And vitamins.

And an extension hose for our sewer line so we can shower.

And I'm avoiding collections calls from the medical bills induced by law enforcement last year.


The money is *there* in the account,
but the fear that if I spend it,
then I'll need it and not have it,

that's poverty panic.

that's resource panic.

that's late-stage capitalism pushing the boot against your neck, reminding us, you, everyone, that survival requires money.


freedom is a lie when money still rules.

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poverty & needs meta, financial triage in late-stage capitalism 

Made the buy.

Every fibre of me is second guessing the expense.
Someone else has, or something else was, a more-dire need, is the fear.

I've needed new shoes for over a year now.
My current pair, never meant to keep out cold or wet, were splitting and allow debris inside regularly.

My shoes are no longer safe to run in, and haven't been for rather a while.

I've put off buying new shoes for as long as possible, and yet, some part of me feels guilt and remorese at not finding a "better" use for the money.


Sometimes "better" is the enemy of the good.


The new shoes will feel good.

No more soggy feet on cold days.

Winter will be survivable in these, we think.

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financial need, boosts appreciated 

We are still $1,400 short of the full repair cost.

Anything helps.

Especially boosting and sharing to other social media.

Someone out there has enough to cover our need, and every penny helps ensure our ongoing survival and R&D efforts.

Also updated the Ko-Fi with a bunch of trip pictures and more of the generator:

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mh (+), poverty meta, injury by cop ramifications 

There's $26.32 in my account.

I gave my partner half of my dinner.

We have cash for groceries on the weekend, and I get paid on the 5th.

The coil of poverty panic is strong in my gut.

I worry about money a *lot*.


We had a phone call with the lawyer today, and the outlook is...good.

We have a solid case, thanks to the video of the officers holding me down while one of them was punching me in the head, and the county police department is letting us present demands.

In theory, we could get compensation by the end of the year.

This feels good.

And I'm having difficulty not being suspicious of hope.

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capitalism, ko-fi, multi-level marketing & meta, boosts appreciated 

So, if I share this link:

...and you click it...

...and use the page to buy "Ko-Fi Gold"...

I get a kickback ($3) and you get a discount (10%).

(for those of you just tuning in, Ko-Fi gold is Ko-Fi's premium-tier upgrade.)
(basically, you're limited to 8mb of uploads, can't offer commissions, and can't adjust certain parts of your profile until you cough up the about $5 per month)

It's pretty much straight forward a win/win for the site, because an additional user is using their platform, and each gold user is a relatively small resource sink.

We, the creators of content, provide the system the power it needs, through our payments of gold.

Uploads are up.

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Ran out of fuel partway through cutting the air pipe for the forge.

I'm building a set of tools, mostly from scratch, if you want to follow along.

The Ko-Fi funds this activity, and your boosts and shares keep me fed.

Here's some of the pics from today.

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thorn valley, ongoing update, boosts appreciated 

Let's talk about real estate for a moment.

Last year, we acquired land.

Land, like creatures, cannot be owned, only taken care of for a while.

This land is high-desert badlands, with environmental factors like the double-digits-below-zero winter cold, water scarcity, and the lack of a centralized power grid.

This winter, we're focusing on software for the hardware, and formalizing the group governance as is becomes more than just a circle of friends.

If you are a programmer (or want to be), we can use you.
If you write LaTeX good, we need you.
If you want to collaborate or integrate with your project, talk to us.

This is an open call for aid towards building an intersectional place of safety.

All funds above survival go towards activism.

Reach out to myself or @woozle to get involved.

Please boost the project!
(navigate to Preferences-->Settings-->Featured Tags and pin to your profile.)

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re: thorn valley, anarchism meta 

This project is adjacent to, and better for the existence of, the movement.

The intent, and goal, is to start housing people as soon as possible.

The raw statistics of the housing crisis underscores the need for more houses, faster and cheaper, but the real estate market is chasing the tech money bubble, ignoring the rising homeless as gentrification and inflation forces people into the street.

As an engineer, my goal, my plan, my focus is on automating the heavy lifting out of building sustainable, human-centric, robust housing.

Technology makes so much possible, but while making rent looms over everyone's head, nobody can get ahead.

Renting should be a path to home ownership, if it's got to exist at all.

If you support me with your efforts, your communication, your signal boosting, or your hard-earned money, you are helping create homes for the financially marginalized.

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re: thorn valley, mh (+) 

...being 40km from paved roads is a good-weird sort of silence.

One tends to forget how noisy most areas of "modern" life are.

Echos. Fans. Energy transfer hum. Vehicles nearby. Wind and weather in trees. Paper and cloth rustling. The click of a light switch, and the slam of a door. Music and laughter. Shoes on cement. Water running through pipes, and branches scraping walls.

The have the wind and the sagebrush, and the occasional birdcall.

Missing it already.

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re: thorn valley, ko-fi link 

I've added some pics adjacent to Thorn Valley, and am adding more as I unpack cameras and media storage from the trip.

The cleanup from being raided and burned is...tough, at times, because I'm picking up wide-scattered garbage that was once-upon-a-time useful resources, and thinking about how to make the place defensible, rather than just building stuff freely.


Our path forwards is, unfortunately, dependant on financial factors.

If you want to support our attempt to build reusable technology and places of safety, please consider boosting this toot, and if you have enough to share, we appreciate contributions.

Sharing our project helps and encourages us, and community interaction is always a positive outcome.


I have enough food, but need clothing and a haircut.

Please support us *inside* your means.

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Today, I pushed the "purchase" button on something my family needed without a huge struggle against resource scarcity anxiety and panic.

The money was in the account.
It was budgeted and then used.
It felt good to fulfill a need without fear.

This freedom from fear is due primarily to the support that you, denizens of the fediverse, have provided us.

Today has a small victory, and we're still just getting through breakfast.

I am privileged to be here,
often overwhelmed by your outpouring of support,
and only mildly confused by the jorts and other memes.


We are ever so thankful for everyone expressing interest and contributing time, knowledge, or some other resource to our ongoing projects or daily survival needs.

You are helping us try to build better ways of living.

Again, thank you.

~ the Kaelar Family

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hobby photography, ko-fi link 

Oh hey, someone tipped me enough to get an upgraded SD card for my camera.

(Thank you, whoever that was!)

A smattering of new pics are up, with more incoming now that the battlestation is online-ish.

Photography is both a creative outlet and an effort to document how things get built.

Building this computer desk brings me significantly closer to being able to do active software development again.

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Had a few quiet moments today,
and got these to share.

Also up on Ko-Fi, which is where all the rest go when we have captioning spoons.

Boosts appreciated, this is how we support our art.

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Published a bit on Medium about my childhood.

I grew up in a cult.

My parents lovingly attempted to brainwash me.

The entire family was in on it.

I've maintained personas, crafted as carefully as my neurodivergent observations can make them, that give people what they need/want to hear to *stop bothering me*.

Because, remember, at the end of the day, we just want to be left alone so we can build stuff.

Interrupt at your peril.

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I've updated the page, and the has some new pictures.

Both support options now have integration, and the Liberapay is now the preferred platform for supporting our efforts.

Please boost and share.
Collectively, we can build a better way forward.

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Organization page is live on !

Support sustainably manufacturing the necessities of a modern society with industrial automation controls:

Please boost if you can, and share if you're able.

We're in this one together.

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I resurrected my :

Help me afford continued work on sustainable technology without compromising in ways that would negatively impact my partner's care or my own safety.

Boosts appreciated, we're facing the end of our disability income, and we still have nothing but symptoms in @sesshirecat's case.


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Support my team ( or get us something nice?

There's some heavy items on the wishlist.
Your boosts help us help others.

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In 2020, you want to see more photography of...

(companion post to

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First day poll leaders(s): Metalworking, DarkPi Dev 

More metalworking and cybredecking it is, then.

Today I photodocumented the first bits of a rolling mini-forge, and prepped the office for doing stuffs. I'll be posting those pics on Tuesday, because I left the datadapter at the office, and tomorrow is taking partner to pain clinic day.

Also, moar patreon post

Bedtime nao.

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DarkPi development, crowdfunding comms hardware for walkaway, boosts appreciated

Added a few pictures of projects-in-progress to the Ko-Fi albums, and there's also a new blogpost on the .

Read about it on Patreon ( or jump directly to the Ko-Fi album (

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thorn valley, ongoing update, boosts appreciated 

@eryn @woozle I can write LaTeX fairly well. What's this project about? What's its purpose?

re: thorn valley, projects adjacent 

@CoronaCoreanici @woozle the core purpose is creating sustainable, open source, user-repairable, robust, accessible, secure housing.

The current phase of the project, while the land is inaccessible for the winter months, is to document the various subsystem and prototype builds, and create schematics for the housing units for sharing with collaborators and allies.

The three main foci are the comms/media/storage system (), the metalworking bits (), and using the aforementioned bits for building a wilderness-ready service truck out of a motor home.

Ask me more questions?

There's a bit more here:

re: thorn valley, projects adjacent 

@eryn @woozle OK, I'm on board with this idea. What do you need TeXed up?

re: thorn valley, mh (+) 

@eryn this reminds me of some land that my dad and uncles bought together a couple of years ago. i think its lovely.

@eryn hhhhhhhhhhh that lightinnnng yuussss yumyumyum :blobchef:

DarkPi development, crowdfunding comms hardware for walkaway, boosts appreciated 

@eryn I'm pretty much sold on all the words in the CW, even if I don't know what you're talking about.

Gonna go learn now.

DarkPi development, crowdfunding comms hardware for walkaway, boosts appreciated 

@eryn Okay cool, this sounds like it lines up with things I've been working on for a few years, and I'm glad. I'm gonna go read some more.

re: DarkPi development, crowdfunding comms hardware for walkaway, boosts appreciated 

@ajroach42 currently writing the strategic bits, because this is larger than just the deck.

The pie-in-the-sky hope is to crowdfund a year of dev work, and use any profits and the newly-viable company structure (and resources) to build low-cost modular microhousing (with the mesh/deck integrated for comms, environmental controls, entertainment, etc) for our local homeless crisis.


Ask me questions, I do my best work when there's a robust feedback environment.

I would be delighted to collaborated with a distributed team on this, btw.

re: DarkPi development, crowdfunding comms hardware for walkaway, boosts appreciated 

@eryn Ambitious! I hope it works out for you, and I'll be watching with interest and contributing where I can.

Can you tell me more about the current state of DarkPi? What's it do right now?

re: DarkPi development, crowdfunding comms hardware for walkaway, boosts appreciated 

@ajroach42 currently, it's a hub for...well, development of the DarkPi project.

Currently: debugging some bitrot post-unmothballing, the previously-booting system is now starting, but hanging.

So, as far as "currently doing":
* develop self
* write/deploy self
* sync self with remote git repo
* functions remain undegraded without networking
* portable power but messy cabling

The next non-techdebt step is automating/parametrising the process of writing an image to the SD card and then configuring the base system. There's a half dozen config tweaks, and then setting up and various recurring bits, like security patching and powersave modes, and then the file syncing.

I've got shims for each portion of the process, but I want a single command that writes, configures, and verifies the image, and then queries the user for optional steps like setting up NAS/cloud backups and any GPIO bits.

re: DarkPi, crowdfunding hardware development for walkaway 


No idea why the system is refusing to boot, but my workflow is optimized for wiping and reloading often, so I'll have it back online once I've an hour or two to focus on the hardware.

For now, I'm mostly curious what parts of the system appeal to you, or if there's still too little documentation to get a solid idea of what it actually *is*.

The current system kinda does everything for my scripting/devops development process backend...autobuild stuffs from the repo, simple scaling (build on any low-load network members, config backups, user backups), and I'm eyeing some LoRa boards to make the hop to lighter weight wearables for the mods.

Tying this in as a platform for personal health data tracking is one of the stretch goal ideas.

Also, infosite got a frontpage rework:

re: DarkPi, crowdfunding hardware development for walkaway 

@eryn I'll share some of the documents I've written up in the past, but I'm really intregued by the idea of a mesh networked, offline first, delay tolerant set of network applications, with associated hardware that allows users to ... just wander around and be a part of the network.

Let people physically move data between intranets that will never connect.

I've got some thoughts on this scattered all over. I'll try to collect them.

re: DarkPi, hardware dev, walkaway 

@ajroach42 those are all topical concepts I care deeply about bringing into reality.

At once point in time I had a three-node mesh going with the wireless builtins of the Pi (see my post on the Trio design), so I know that section is absolutely possible. It is however lower priority than getting a tactile "push button, flash OS to SDCard" workflow back online.

I've got a repository on Gitea ( if you'd like someplace to dump the data all in one place.

The Gitea system does cloneable repos for the embedded wikis, as data is portable core functional requirement for the project.

...note to self, transcribe functional requirements to the repo.

I'll need to add you as a collaborator, because the repo is set private for a bit still.

(cc @woozle and @kemonine )

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