financial need, boosts appreciated 

My family just found out that the land we'd gotten permission to live on is $6k deep in missed payments.

If anyone has a bit to spare, we're still waiting on our first round of pandemic aid, and until we get my social security name change stuffs fixed we can't even do a proper gofundme or whatever.

My partner, @sesshirecat, has a Paypal that hasn't been shut down, if you have anything you can contribute.

We have until Monday or Tuesday (6th or 7th of June) to find enough to pay this, otherwise the former owners will sue and we'll be up shytte's creek again.

I've been busting my ass to make the land liveable for us and our three-month-old, but apparently I've not been fast enough at that.

Literally anything helps right now. I'm attempting to cash out my old 403b, there's some bonds that a friend might sell to help, and we have a little bit (a hundred or two) saved from TANF to add to the stack...going to ask our caseworker if they know of any options to suggestions on ways to negotiate with the seller or...anything... I said, anything helps.


financial need, Saturday update 

We have hit the $400 mark as of this morning, thank you everyone who has helped us so far (cc @sesshirecat )

re: financial need, Monday update 

@sesshirecat and I have gotten in contact with the seller, and at first they were willing to give us until the end of the month (30 June 2021) to become current, and when I attempted to confirm they vacillated, saying they'd need to talk to their attorney, as they didn't actually know what was in the letter which was sent to us.

This is...not ideal, as we're juggling power-of-attorney for the land in question, and the person on the documents is having medical difficulties, possibly inpatient care in part due to the stress/shock of this whole thing.

Thank you so much to everyone who as helped us with their cash, we're at $500 in the paypal, about $2.5k in un-matured bonds, and I have $700 in back-pay that I'm trying to track down why it hasn't arrived.

If/when our stimulus funds come through, we have enough for a month or two, and hopefully that's enough time to find jobs for the mobile plasma cutting stuffs I'm doing these days...

...thank you everyone who has boosted, contributed, and sent their words of support and good vibes...everything y'all have done to lend support here is felt and deeply appreciated.

Love wins, right?

re: Friday update, medical (stable and going well) 

@sesshirecat has surgery in about an hour.

Some nerves but its a doctor with a long experience with this sort of operation.

Deeply appreciate y'all being A Presence for us during this time.

re: Friday update, medical (stable and going well) 

@sesshirecat is out of surgery, and the orderly just said they'll bring her back to her room (where I've been waiting) in about 10 minutes.

Thank you everyone who sent good vibes (and other aid)!

re: Friday update, medical (stable and going well) 

@eryn I hope the surgery goes smoothly and the road afterward is uneventful and hopeful 💚 💚

re: Friday update, medical (stable and going well) 

@verity thank you...the biggest thing is going to be the dietary changes after the fact.

The surgeon has done a lot of these, and the hospital is one we trust.

@sesshirecat always takes about 3 times as long as "normal" to heal, but we are hoping that this is the source of our recent spate of ER visits.

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