uspol, pdx (etc) tear gassing, expired munitions 

query, from a friend looking for corroborating sources:

"Starting to hear stories that there's tear gas that's making people sick.

Like really badly sick and nauseous, even causing seizures...which sounds like it's decayed into cyanide or cyanide based chems when it expires."

...has anyone else been seeing/hearing about this?

uspol, pdx (etc) tear gassing, expired munitions 

@eryn I've been hearing about expired chemical munitions, seen a few expended canisters with ten year old expiry dates, but haven't looked deeply into it to know if the breakdown occurs as stated.

uspol, pdx (etc) tear gassing, expired munitions 

@WanderingBeekeeper do you have any links to these? Trying to establish chemical breakdown timelines, which compounds might be involved, or if any science whatsoever has been done.

What's easy(ier) to find is problems with tear gas itself, or overexposure, etc. Not much on degradation over time.

uspol, pdx (etc) tear gassing, expired munitions 

@eryn There seems to be a decided lack of study about the chemical breakdown of aging tear gas compounds. Hmm, wonder why. I did find this as a starting point:

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