Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

Federal officers who do not have badges or answer to local authorities and state officials have been found in Portland Oregon, pulling protesters into unmarked vans.

Today the Acting Homeland Security Secretary released an extremely scary letter condemning protesters as lawless anarchists destroying the city.

I am fucking terrified.


Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

@Alistor Amerikkka now has Stasi. Fucking yippee, we've gone full totalitarian. And I left my damn pitchfork in Orange County NY.


Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

@WanderingBeekeeper @Alistor attack them with bees challenge 2020

re: Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

@eryn @WanderingBeekeeper @Alistor

great, now people are gonna start covert beehives inside the walls of police stations? I mean REALLY

Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

@eryn I mean, nature delivered Murder Hornets not far away, and we all missed the message. @WanderingBeekeeper @Alistor

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