paypal sucks, legal name changes 

It's been two and a half years, and is STILL doing the song and dance over fixing my deadname in their system.

I've sent documents (whoops their UI is broken, can't upload normally gotta use the old site via a special link from the live chat agent, who changes literally between messages), had long careful conversations, and expressed my frustration to (supposedly) empathetic people...who do nothing to help me functionally.

Every time, I get things uploaded, confirmed, and...then a massive dead-air nothing.

"Seven to ten days for a response from our review team." which never ever materializes.

They purge messages older than 90 days, which means each time I go to try to fix this, I'm starting completely fresh, and nobody ever follows up, no matter who or how many people I send the documents to.

If you give a shyte about anything, use instead. Still arguably horrible (like all money processing BS is), but they at least accepted my docs immediately.

So very, very exhausted with the emotional labour of finding ways to avoid using deadname accounts, but the alternative is spending hours doing pointless tasks for a megacorp who literally cannot even be bothered to respond to legally mandated support messages.

re: paypal sucks, legal name changes 

@eryn I wonder why we don't use post for this. its practically free and could include cute notes and/or postcards.
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