actual logic 

@Hyolobrika @mercurythedragon yeah, actually, they are.

Your confident ignorance weighs little against a lifetime of niche knowledge.

Pick any topic you know, or are interested in, and you're advantaged over someone who skims the wikipage on the topic.

For example, you might want to consider the antivaxxer movement as "societal", but it has deep implications for medical science.

Seriously, think about it.

There's no way to decouple social and medical pandemics, the science applies heavily to both.

Source: am engineer who works with medical researchers.

Respectfully, rethink your stance, or accept that you're undereducated here...or don't.

This post isn't for you.

It's for all of us who know you're spouting bullshit, and have been gently trying to get you to check your fecking privilege.

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