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We need help again.

Our long term disability payments ended in December, despite @sesshirecat still being in the wheelchair.

We're *just barely* able to make our rent for next month, but our business partner hasn't been able to come up enough rent money for February.

We're *so* close to being able to survive without aid, but we desperately need this business partnership to succeed.

If our partners can't make their rent, they will have to end the partnership and move away from the area.

If we survive this month, we'll have time to finish the small business loan waiting period.

Am trying to focus my efforts here, any feedback is welcomed and hugely appreciated.

Would you rather help us with rent, and we'll eke out survival and give back to others where and when we can,
help us launch our business with everything you've got, and if we thrive, you get a refund in (ideally less than) six months?

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We need $500 for rent, another $100 for utilities, and another $50-100 for food.

The business partner needs $2000 for rent (welcome to the Pacific Northwest, ugh), and another $200 for their utilities and food.

In theory, we could get a loan as soon as two weeks from now, but rent is due by the 3rd, and we can't risk getting them evicted.

Total need right now is $4088, which includes the repairs needed for Dreadnaught.

...literally anything helps.

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If we can help our business partner cover their rent for February, we will get through the business loan waiting period and start being able to help others as well.

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