I'm going to be at this year, recruiting and interviewing :) If you're around, come say hi!

If you have any questions, please DM me!! I especially encourage folks from underrepresented groups to apply, and if we know each other I'd love to refer you 💖

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@ehashman what communication tools are available for teams?

What software does the company interface via?
How much will I, a neurodivergent enby, have to deal with micromanaging from the neurotypicals above me in the command hierarchy?

Can I still use 'nix on my desktop, or will I have an operating paradigm enforced on me?

What is the code of conduct like?
Who deals with harassment or conflict when it arises?

What sorts of things should I expect from the interview and intake process, will HR filter out applicants based on arbitrary buzzword scan lists or does the person making hiring decisions actually receive what I submit?

@eryn we primarily use slack, BlueJeans video chat, and email, although a bunch of the company uses Google Chat and IRC

It's a fully remote and distributed team so there is very little opportunity for micromanagement, as TL I ask folks for updates once or twice per sprint

Almost everyone on the team installs their own favourite flavour of Linux (I use Mint, most use Fedora)

It's a 13k employee company so we have pretty standard HR policies. Managers'/TL responsibility to manage conflicts


@ehashman TL ?= Team Lead

How long are sprints? Are there rest/documentation/continued education/etc periods between sprints? Can you outline the sorts of workload(s) expected for any of the positions that intersect your team? Are any of the positions directly adjacent to, or part of, your team? What are "pretty standard HR Policies", and do they include a code of conduct?

How are allegations of harassment handled, and do you have any cases that were resolved to the satisfaction of the victim, to your knowledge?

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