Follow do i communicate to the devs that not having an "all mentions" filter option alongside the default "new mentions only" default filter reinforces bad/partial gui nonse from big box social medias, and absolutely ruins my ability to respond to long threads?

@uint8_t @Tusky ...oh! thanks!

(well, that was easier than i thought it would to see if there's a response...)

@eryn Can you give me an example? Maybe I can help with words.

(Tusky is maintained by , fwiw)

@woozle in the notifications list, some replies are missing, and i only see them when I view the full conversation thread.

I want an "all replies" filter, because i want to see everyone who has replied to me or to any of the responses, or the responses to the responses, etc etc.

only shows the *first* response, not consecutive responses.

@eryn What I'm getting is...
1. just being able to see one iteration of replies isn't enough to enable keeping track of conversations
2. social media as a *communication* tool is why we're here on Mastodon
3. ...instead of Twitspace or Fazebook, where social media is viewed more as an attention-absorbing, click-aggregating tool
4. ...which is the kind of thing that only being able to track one iteration of replies *does* tend to support.

TLDR: "new mentions only" kinda supports corporate thinking, where "all mentions" is more user-empowering.

Does that sound right?

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