imagine..... if you could modify games.... to work on modern (or weird) hardware...... without having to reverse engineer their binary exectuables....

how would you even do that?

i'm not sure..... but i want to believe

(this post by "free software? you mean freeware?" club)

Compile the games into bytecode and interoperable APIs instead of to a CPU ISA and proprietary APIs.

Free software would still be better, of course.

Assume a radical commitment to freedom and accessibility. Call it Software Anarchism. Support the 4 Opens with open source and open data being specifically relevant. Forget the tech for a second. What does that look like socially? How do we build that under capitalism?

I think we have the tools already to do it, but we're not having conversations about labor and money yet in a way that leads to action

@AceNovo @grainloom @clacke

ah you wouldn’t know about #walkaway because kitty town has sunshine gardens blocked afaik

lots of #solarpunk folks here and on SSB are talking about this too.

@xj9 @AceNovo @grainloom @clacke for what it's worth, myself and my team are working on the housing/powergrid part of this ( in general, but sustainable microhousing in particular), for whatever that's worth.

Not quite to a point where our research/documents are available online, but...this summer.

Definitely this summer.

cc: @woozle

@eryn @woozle @clacke @grainloom @AceNovo

neat! my personal goal is organize all the stuff people are doing in a useful way and to provide simple and reliable mesh communications for off-grid communities. i'd love to collab.

we are in Salt Lake City, UT we've been looking at Colorado for our future basecamp project.

#WalkAway is great and 😍 documentation

My focus is social technology, which tries to answer the question, "What kind of human interaction is going to happen around this technology?" I focus on games because that's how people learn and because simulations can provide social and economic insights that can't normally be attained ethically or otherwise @grainloom @clacke @woozle

@eryn @grainloom @clacke @woozle
I'm excited about #ValueFlows, which @bhaugen has been promoting, because it has the potential to link our islands of nearly self-sufficient communities and produce robust systems that allow for specialization

Ultimately, various coop forms should be able to have free will associations with one another rather than a forced choice between isolation and exploitation

@AceNovo @eryn @grainloom @clacke @woozle

Thank you. While I have been promoting, @lynnfoster has been doing the work.

But we aim at global economic networks composed of free will associations.

Nice work, coopting the franchise concept. Let me know if there's something I can do to pitch in. I have a really diverse tech, volunteer, and community management background and a little experience in small business

It's also been mentioned that there's a need for personal business networking on the fedi. Something between value flows and the current ad hoc associations
@bhaugen @eryn @grainloom @clacke @lynnfoster

co-op franchisement 

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