homelessness, mh (-) 

I live out of my car.
The weather is getting too cold to live that way for much longer.
I'm months away from having habitable housing on the acreage.

Options are limited, by which I mean "basically non-existant", for someone with an eviction on their record, even if it's due to events beyond their control.

I can't fix my eviction, and even with money, nobody will rent to me.

homelessness, mh (-), vehicle, family 

Have talked to four different groups today, all of whom (ultimately) encouraged me to move in with family.

...what family, I ask?

Not mine, they have made it VERY CLEAR that they want me to never live near them again.
Visiting is fine, tho.

I need a shower, and a place to have downtime.

Someplace to listen to music or read, that isn't wet or windy.

I can't even drive now because insurance.

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Oregon, homelessness, mh (-) 

I deserve to take up space, right?

Then why is it a 2+ year wait list for low income housing options?

Why will nobody even discuss **WHY** the eviction happened?

I don't need much. Just a room for my bed and a desk to write stories, software, and activism stuffs from.

I'm an introverted neurodivergent bookworm, I seriously don't take up much space at all...

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homelessness, mh (-) 

@eryn oh, that's hard. You're strong. Tale care pls.

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