cold anger, police brutality, #justice 

I invited them to put down their weapons and garden with me, on Saturday.

I expressed (legality) concerns about their demands to "stop volunteering and get out of town" on Sunday.

On Monday, they threatened, harassed, arrested, and finally beat me and gave me a concussion by slamming my head repeatedly against the pavement.

Power for the people, destroy the abusers.

financial need, immediate 

I need to cover some medical bills now.

The total is multiple thousands of dollars.

I'd be happy if I can just get enough to replace the stuff they destroyed while "performing a takedown" on my unresisting self.

Anything helps, but sharing on all the social media helps most.

Make trend.
He orchestrated it and is using the others as scapegoats to escape the consequences.

I was not resisting.
But I'm about to.

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police brutality, meta, social justice, financial need, immediate 

Legal fees are going to be over $10k and if the instigators involved (Derick Ramseyer, et al) continue pushing for criminal charges against me, who knows how much "justice" will cost.

Make trend.
Drown the Marion County (Oregon) police department in phone calls and paperwork.

(503) 588-5094

That's how we beat this without money.

Here's the gofundme, if you can contribute directly:

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financial need, immediate, boost plz? 

I could really use a boost.

Money is a superpower.
Lend me your pennies, and I'll make them into shields against the abusers who are literally killing our most vulnerable children.

Pay me in exposure if you have nothing else to give.

Knowledge is power, share the knowledge of my existence with your friends.

Hack their feed by asking them to share.

We're strong, but only if we act together.

Connect everyone, protect everyone.

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