I really fucking wish I could follow other instance's local timelines. I love toot.cat but it's kinda quiet and not particularly about any of my interest. It just feels safe here.

But I'd like to grow my following of folks in open source and art communities and i don't think mastodon makes that very easy :(


@zkat this is what made me keep bouncing off mastodon in the past, because .social had a useless local timeline.

Hoping I can find more artsy and oss folks this time rather than just only really knowing local hackers xD

@endocrimes I follow @Curator and that occasionally posts nice things but I think it's been more quiet lately. Discoverability is super hard. :(

@zkat ooh thanks for the recc! - And yeah it is :(

for all its flaws, twitter solved that problem ~relatively well on and off throughout the years

@endocrimes @zkat hashtags tend to actually be usable, unlike on hellsite... that's where I've found a bunch of folks!

@zkat @endocrimes @Curator more quiet? They are posting all the time and boosting a lot.
Maybe it's just not coming through for some reason?

@zkat @maloki @endocrimes Yeah, my activity has definitely ticked up as more people have been joining and posting over the past few weeks!

@zkat @endocrimes @Curator may be with looking and comparing to how the profile looks on the web. 😅

@endocrimes @zkat I’ve quite liked the local timeline of lgbt.tech so far! 😊

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