There is now a "clear previous aliases" button on Steam. Useful if you need to remove your deadname or gendered names from the list.

The option to clear your old names is via the dropdown menu under your name when you view your own profile page in Steam.

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@ellavescent Very handy! Certainly beats the old method of naming yourself "." and then ".." and then "..." and then "...." and so on.

@catgirl Absolutely. I had to do that and I got locked out for doing too many changes too close together.

@ellavescent Adding here a screenshot of how to do it, because I hadn't seen it at first:

@ellavescent or more probably all those times you named yourself xXx::killahammer4lyfe::xXx

@ellavescent Or the one time as a joke making fun of a name that popped up in Age of Mythology, where I went by Gorm Battlebaker.

@ellavescent i actually changed my alias 10 times just to make sure the old one doesn't show up before, so it's good that they've come up with a better way to do this.

@devurandom I did that too. I got stuck with an absurd name for a few hours halfway through because they decided I’d changed it too frequently.

@ellavescent Is there anything that can change the actual account name? Because I want to not have my account name be the dumb thing I chose when I was in high school a decade ago.

@wunderboner There’s no official way as far as I know. I remember seeing one trans person managed to convince support to change it, but I’ve seen far more who were refused.

@ellavescent or that one time you cheated to get a tux penguino on TF2... :blobeyes:

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