Per-post privacy settings are nice but unlike twitter on Mastodon you can’t immediately hide all your toots by locking your account and that’s a problem.

Ability to make a post followers only later would be really useful even if you can’t do anything with posts that have already gone to other servers. I just want to hide them from people looking at my profile.

@ellavescent Deleted some toots instead. It’s probably for the best.

@ellavescent oof I really wish a „lockdown profile page“ type feature existed I think we did add an issue about it last time it came up here

[if you‘re having an emergency presently, do ask your admin to go into the db and set all your statuses private (this is irreversible, but, you know), that‘s the best quickfix I know of]

@halcy It was just 4 toots I was worried about as they might get someone hurt in retaliation. I’ve just deleted them.

@ellavescent @halcy I do think making it a separate feature from locked accounts might be useful (but maybe offer to automatically hide all your posts when you lock your account?)

@ellavescent @halcy like I like the use case of "locked accounts can make public posts" a whole lot

@theoutrider @halcy Some kind of panic button would be good. Lock account, make posts followers only, block notifications from non-followers

@ellavescent @theoutrider yeah. Tho mind, other servers would still cache / display stuff - but at least there would be nothing on the home instance that‘s public facing

@halcy @theoutrider Yeah. The use case here is someone googling a profile for harassment so just hiding there would be a good start.

@ellavescent @halcy you can opt your profile out of search engine indexing fwiw, it's in the settings

(though whether Google actually respect that kind of thing is, in my experience, a crapshoot)

@theoutrider @halcy There’s also the time factor. It doesn’t help if you need to do it right now.

@theoutrider @halcy Also a pain when I was trying to clear search results linking my username and deadname. It took months.

Think you can lock your account if you use Mastalab.

@_Chicanery You can lock your account anyway, but that doesn’t change privacy of past posts.

@_Chicanery Locking is split on here. You can lock the account so you can approve or deny followers, then you separately decide if a post is public or followers only.

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