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I don’t think I ever did an

I’m Ella. I’m trans. My pronouns are she/her.
I’m married to Karen and we have two cats named Erica and Tilly.
I’m probably older than you think.
I have a mitochondrial disease which causes a lot of pain and fatigue. I use a wheelchair when I go out.
I struggle with depression and anxiety.
I was involved in campaigning against disability benefit cuts and I took the UK government to judicial review.
I like cats, computers, curry, kpop and Overwatch.

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Need to upgrade my cat. I’ve got a desktop but I think a laptop would get in my way less.

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I'm level 1212 in Overwatch. My last three games have had two level 15s and a level 35 in them.

Both of the Overwatch event game modes are deathmatches and while I can win deathmatches playing as Moira and Brigitte I absolutely cannot with random heroes.

Turns out, trying to put your phone in the pocket you haven't got today doesn't work. Who knew.

I suppose there's zero chance of Ubuntu 18.04 getting ZFS 0.8.0 anytime soon

We got a new mattress today. The fact that this is exciting probably means I am old.

Steam Link on iOS removed all links to the store, which is what I thought they'd do to get Apple to allow the app. But it also doesn't have chat. Which is weird.

Watching YouTube with auto-generated Korean subtitles auto-translated to English produces some truly absurd results

Something has gone wrong with my cat, she’s sitting next to the laptop instead of on the laptop!

How do I get the iOS YouTube app to stop defaulting to 360p? It’s been doing it for months and it’s really annoying.

I got out my old Android phone, and voice activation is switched off, yet it recognised “Hey google” from the Google I/O video I was watching and popped up asking if I want to access my assistant with voice match. So. Still fucking creepy then.

‪Google’s new assistant voice recognition looks amazing. If only it didn’t come at the price of your soul. (Or at least all your private data.)‬

I'm only managing 7 hours a day out of bed at the moment and it really sucks

Selling robots that people form attachments to but that die when their cloud services run out of money is just cruel at this point. Stop making stuff depend on the cloud.

Either build the AI into the device or sell it with a server that can be run at home.

So now that Android phones have project Treble and can install a Generic System Image, it should be possible to keep upgrading Android even after the phone is abandoned by the manufacturer, right?

M.2 drives make it a lot more of a pain to just pull a drive out to keep it safe while installing stuff on another drive

Look at this article, which is absolutely not about Mastodon, any resemblance is PURELY COINCIDENTAL :D

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