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I don’t think I ever did an

I’m Ella. I’m trans. My pronouns are she/her.
I’m married to Karen and we have two cats named Erica and Tilly.
I’m probably older than you think.
I have a mitochondrial disease which causes a lot of pain and fatigue. I use a wheelchair when I go out.
I struggle with depression and anxiety.
I was involved in campaigning against disability benefit cuts and I took the UK government to judicial review.
I like cats, computers, curry, kpop and Overwatch.

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"Take me to your leader," the alien said.
"I have none," said the cat.
"Are you the leader?"
"Nah. Go bother some humans instead."
"But your kind is a higher life form than them!"
"So what makes you think you have the right to impose on me?" the cat said, and sauntered off.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Google has started signing people in to Chrome without asking if they sign in to any google site like gmail or YouTube.

That leaves you one click away from uploading all your browsing data to Google.


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Yes, well, I guess I don’t get to use my computer until Tilly has been attended to.

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You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

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Yes, well, I guess I don’t get to use my computer until Tilly has been attended to.

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i know cat law well enough that i'm being marked for death.

The salt exploded over my dinner and I made the mistake of trying to clean it off and eat anyway

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There's No Such Thing as a General-purpose Processor (2014)

(submitted by anfilt)

I love having to do extra reboots because shutting down windows 10 leaves all your ntfs drives read only from Linux 😡

How does Windows even make updates take that much time

It is astonishing how much faster it is to get Ubuntu installed and updated than Windows 10

I made an effort to filter out and avoid news and then bloody YouTube stuck a breaking news channel in my recommendations and now I’m anxious again

Now that Bejewelled 3 runs on Steam Play I can put Linux on my main SSD and move Windows to spinning rust. If I could actually get Overwatch to work with Lutris like everyone else seems able to I could dump Windows altogether.

Shuffling the contents of drives in a big chain of drive cloning. Why am I like this.

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Yay! The radical redesign of @better for macOS Mojave (to match the iOS 12 redesign) is now waiting for review.

Once it is approved, we will be releasing it alongside macOS Mojave itself on Monday at the new lowest-tier price ($0.99/£0.99/€1.09…) to match the iOS version.

(You can read more on our reasoning around the design and pricing in my earlier blog post: ar.al/2018/09/14/better-simple)

Now, Laura and I are off to get some lunch and celebrate :awesome: 🎉