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I don’t think I ever did an

I’m Ella. I’m trans. My pronouns are she/her.
I’m married to Karen and we have two cats named Erica and Tilly.
I’m probably older than you think.
I have a mitochondrial disease which causes a lot of pain and fatigue. I use a wheelchair when I go out.
I struggle with depression and anxiety.
I was involved in campaigning against disability benefit cuts and I took the UK government to judicial review.
I like cats, computers, curry, kpop and Overwatch.

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Need to upgrade my cat. I’ve got a desktop but I think a laptop would get in my way less.

Pleased to find there is software to set my keyboard to purple without Windows

‪I put my kpop playlist on in the car and Karen just told me Black Pink are better than Red Velvet and I don’t know what to make of this ‬

Why did I install Flappy Bird on my watch this was my worst decision ever

Flatpak doesn't make icons when I use it on Ubuntu, that's annoying.

Tacoma is free on Humble Bundle but you'll probably have to click on 13 pages of traffic lights and buses so it's easier to go pay on Steam.

The YouTube app on my iPad has started playing every video in 360p until I change it myself and I can’t work out why. I’m on WiFi with 60mbps internet so it’s not trying to save mobile bandwidth. It’s really annoying.

Google's new game streaming service is apparently running linux and vulcan on the servers.
I hope that means more game ports for linux desktops since the work is already done.

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Finish bigclivedotcom’s latest video before it’s taken down challenge

Tilly has jumped on my chair every time I've got out of it today and the last time I didn't have the heart to push her off again so I've been sitting on the edge for ages and now my back hurts

I've never known a cat so unable to deal with change as Tilly. She can't deal with anything being moved. Can't cope with her routine being disrupted. She starts shaking when something is wrong.

I love her.

I was expecting this one to be my earworm given it features my name repeatedly

Of all the songs Mamamoo released today, this is the one that gets stuck in my head...

Played Overwatch.

Stopped playing Overwatch because a group of guys kept spamming me with requests to join their group. Ugh.

I play shooting games because they hold my attention when not much does, they distract me from the pain and keep me awake when I'm drowsy.

I've played thousands of hours but I'm getting more and more uncomfortable liking them at all because of the other people that like them.

Please stop giving people shit for not writing image descriptions. Typing can be hard enough for some of us as it is, having to type twice as much or even more than the toot itself can be a hellish prospect and we don't/can't always use accessibility devices.

me: accidentally types a website wrong into the search bar

google chrome, for the rest of my life: you want to go to netfliz? you like netfliz you dipshit? you really sure you don't want to go to today?

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