Do any of you have comfy / ergonomic dining chairs that you might recommend? I’ve been having trouble sitting up for very long in most chairs (get very acute pain) and want to see if maybe better ones would help...

Met this polydactyl beauty on our neighborhood walk (well, I was in the mobility scooter, but still).

Today’s new cat friend count: 2

Some of my favs to add to the thread...

Shannon Pringle, who creates pins celebrating Blackness and social justice:

Tabitha Brown, who does wonderfully vivid art prints:

Joan Chao, who does a personal webcomic and sells prints, totes, and more around Seattle / the Pacific Northwest:

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Thanks a bunch for all the boosts and suggestions!

There wasn’t much POC artwork being shared and I’d definitely still love to check some out. 💕

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Who are your favorite indie artists that sell prints, pins, and similar merch? Bonus for non-binary, disabled, and/or POC creators.

💕 Have found the feminist artist of my dreams: 💕

Her latest work is designing the “Ableism is trash” line of tote bags, mugs, shirts, and tanks.

(This cutie purred so happily when I stopped to pet them earlier today.)

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Coming back to here for a hot second and apparently half the old instances are gone? And this one has new admins? What is happening now?

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suicide prevention / US 

If you live in the US:
Did you know that if you text 741741 when you are feeling depressed, suicidal, or just needing someone to talk to, a crisis counselor will text with you?
Many people do not like talking on the phone and would be more comfortable texting.
It is not weak to ask for help. Everybody needs it from time to time. Don't ever ever be afraid or embarrassed to reach out to someone.
It's a free service.

Copy. Paste. Share.

🎵 Where have most of my Mastodon friends gone? 🎵

Also! I'm so happy that we got a scholarship sponsor and can offer not only free tickets, but at least public transportation passes too to people who might find conference costs prohibitive:

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[ puts on business hat ]

Promo stuff still doesn't come naturally to me, but! This year's Affect Conf speakers are so great and I would be remiss if I didn't try to boost their visibility and awesomeness.

Just returned an escape artist of a doggo back to his home after seeing him run around wildly in the middle of the street. He was such a little sweetie (albeit mischievous!).

I've been watching Corey play Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I have a very important question: WHY can we not pet the dogs????

Visited quite possibly the quirkiest theater in Brooklyn (Nighthawk Cinema) earlier and saw Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa). Japanese anime fans: it is SO GOOD. Most of the theater was in tears by the end.

Good things that happened today: I got an adorable sticker from @polymerwitch and got to slowly win over a puppy.

Confusion re: calling yourself witches 

Ok, as a formerly practicing Witch, I'm baffled by everyone calling themselves witches these days. Back in the day, I had to hide my beliefs or else spend a lot of time explaining Witchcraft, Wicca, paganism to folks so they would stop thinking I did animal sacrifices. So it feels kind of appropriative and erasing for witches to now be a cool term when Witches and Witchcraft don't seem to be part of the conversation.

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Pitch me! for The Recompiler 

I'm interested in new articles on a few topics:
- Federated systems and deletion: why it’s hard and why it matters
- Looking at Mastadon in terms of security and privacy
- Using labor history to understand what’s going on in the tech industry and/or open source

We pay, and people from under-represented groups are especially encouraged to submit. Email info at recompilermag dot com and see for our guidelines

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Hi all!
I'm officially a free agent! If you're looking for a backend or full stack dev, let me know! My experience is primarily Ruby & Rails, but mostly I care about making stuff that solves real problems with awesome people who are empathetic and empowered. Let me know if that's your company! 💖

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