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My friend Emily taught me how to make GIFs so enjoy these sword lesbians courtesy of 🤺

This mashup is even better!! And includes music video clips! Fuego... on Replay

OMG lest you doubt me someone has already posted a mashup!! Must have been easy because THEY'RE EVEN IN THE SAME KEY

Fuego vs. Replay

It's the exact same writers and everything!!!! Fuego 2.0


"Why is your VPS in Amsterdam" look there's a lot of reasons but unfettered access to is definitely a top contender

TIL you can search for email messages by message ID in gmail using the "rfc822msgid:" operator. Handy!

Do I know anyone interested in buying my 12" Le Creuset skillet or Yaesu FT-450D? Not sure if I want to schlep these in my upcoming move 😢

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we're having a cold, rainy week here so I had to move all the plants back inside for the night and the easiest think to do was take over the downstairs bathroom.

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Here we have two specimens of the Common Yard Moose settling in for the night.

A neighborhood resident told us that the calf was born four days ago.

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Tired: Call in sick because new video game came out
Wired: Call in sick because PiDP-11 kit came in the mail

Working on my BrooklynJS talk for this Thursday and... phew. It's gonna be interesting.

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Tired: Escaping from the trappings of civilization to live a mythologized hunter-gatherer lifestyle in a lonely wilderness

Wired: Dropping out of the worst aspects of capitalist civilization by joining a self-sustaining intentional community on cultivated farmland.

Inspired: Rejecting the separation of "civilization" from "wilderness" as an inherently colonialist distinction and actively working to dissolve the border between the two.

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reasons to get buff that dont have to do with fatphobia:
* punch better
* rage against the machine
* lift pretty girl
* flexies
* arm wrestle good
* lift TWO pretty girl!?

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Today I hosted a TEA PARTY and I got to make tea sandwiches ☕💖

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