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I found some postcards while I was packing. Anyone want a postcard? You'll have to send me a name and address for delivery 😊

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@jalcine I can't get over the fact that this reads like a term paper from a Philosophy 101 class that'd maaaaybe get a C.

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I guess I can now publicly announce: I am officially moving to Seattle!!!

Signed a lease, submitted change of address paperwork, updated withholdings forms. IT'S HAPPENING ✨✨✨

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👩‍🎨This afternoon it's watercolor time! 💦 I have to add some more details and textures on this picture and it will be finished at least!😌 I have never been in a hot-air balloon, and knowing how anxious I am I don't think I will be very at ease to travel in one of them... But I have always find so pretty all these vintage pictures of them, and fortunately there are some adventurous mice far more daring than I am! 😅 And you, are you more the cautious or the audacious type? 🤔

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A little later the sleeting had let up a bit, and it got a bit brighter. The mist is quite picturesque.

@georgieboy so in this case the front wheels got damaged and they had to replace them! It only ended up delaying us about 75m and the pilot said in his 30 year career in the AF and commercial industry he had never seen that repair completed so quickly

New air travel achievement unlocked: the tow bar broke as we were pushing out??

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periodic reminder that in Polish they say "Nie mój cyrk, nie moje malpy" which means "not my circus, not my monkey" and that is wonderful

OH: "only you could make a talk on open source licenses interesting" 😬😂

Hey friends! I'm speaking @brooklyn_js TONIGHT about the ~future~ of open source. There are still some tickets left: tickets.brooklynjs.com/

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