@glasnt idk I have a certain fondness for watery instant coffee doctored with a lot of cream and sugar

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@abliss good news: this actually is fixed in the software, it's just *extremely hidden* ... detailed in my follow-up blog hashman.ca/libreoffice/

New blog post featuring wild hacks and secret options: Presenter mode in LibreOffice Impress without an external display 👩‍💻📊 hashman.ca/libreoffice/

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OH: "They're half-good, that's why it's called 'Go'"

@jamey I'm going to blog about it, I had to cobble something together from a combo of incomplete stackoverflow answers and arch forum posts..

@Odd_Bloke the issue that I needed a workaround for is that LibreOffice refuses to launch presenter mode in single-display mode. I'll see if I can dig up the bug

I just hacked xrandr to render a virtual display so I could use LibreOffice presenter mode without an external monitor AMA

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if forth so good, how come they haven’t made fifth

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I’ve just learned about Diphylleia grayi, otherwise known as Skeleton Flower as its flowers turn translucent when they’re rained on

Productive day off today!
- baked a loaf of bread
- cleaned the bathroom, including drain clean-out...
- wiped down the floors
- made egg salad for lunch
- made beef and broccoli for dinner
- ALL the dishes
- four!!! loads of laundry
- and caught a bunch of new fish in ACNH 🎣

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Canadians still likes to think of post-secondary institutions as being public. "TAXPAYERS FUND YOU," they sometimes trumpet, or at least take solace in knowing that our funding is somewhat impartial - depending on their own political attitudes at the moment they're thinking about it.

This hasn't really been true for quite some time now - a couple of decades, really. Governments have cut back direct funding a fair amount, to the point our operating budgets are now mostly funded by tuition.

re: breadposting 

@shoofle ah, yeah, whole wheat flour likes a lot more moisture than white flour. halving recipes is usually pretty safe but switching flour types can be tricky

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