@PetraOleum luckily these days I'm a decade or two beyond that problem

This is surprisingly complicated!

Alpine appears to use gcc to build by default: git.alpinelinux.org/abuild/tre

Three Linux distros build with LLVM: Android and ChromeOS (both built by Google) and OpenMandriva (experimental clang support for kernel builds only) kernel.org/doc/html/latest/kbu

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Yesterday's icy mist in some mistletoe infested trees. I'm immaturely calling this series "freezing their balls off". #photography #mastoart

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The #Asparagus has now been cut down for winter. As you can see in the first photo, asparagus can become quite a big plant (c. 1.5m tall).

In autumn you cut all this off, to just a c. 10cms above the ground, as in the 2nd photo. I then made sure any weeds were removed, then added compost as a feed. If I can can my hands on some well-rotted manure, I'll add that too.

The mesh cage is to keep creatures off - asparagus does not like being disturbed.

#KitchenGarden #Vegetables #Gardening

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Pulled the final Orange Thai pepper harvest this weekend. Decided to experiment with smoking a drying for powder. A few hours on Mesquite then finishing them off in a dehydrator. They turned out great! Nice smokey flavor, but still has some punchy heat.

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free software, repost to public 

@elilla @scanlime I am happy to sponsor uploads of supportive quote packages to Debian :)

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@technomancy > Prerequisites: gcc build tools

Sounds like it fails my nerdsnipe! (I want the kernel to be built with no gcc for this weird thought exercise 😜)

Now I'm vaguely wondering if it is possible to build a working GNU-free Linux that will run on hardware? People normally point to Alpine/musl but I've only ever seen that running in a container with an underlying kernel built with gcc 🤔 is anyone doing this??

OH: "If you're gonna well actually someone, at least be right"

It's a holiday for some today and thanks to the pandemic, you might be stuck all by yourself and kind of miserable.

Well, I know how that feels, and I don't celebrate this one, so if you wanna talk to someone to distract you while everyone else is zooming with the fam, hmu

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st disco s03e06 

@technomancy there does seem to be a pervasive "it's been hundreds of years we don't care" attitude

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I think this is the third year I've had this winterberry. still small but very pretty. when it's big it will be the star of the front yard in the winter. huge upgrade from the burning bush that used to be here.

I passed out just before 4, woke up an hour later and it was pitch black so I was very confused, and then did it *again*

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