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May I present to you... my favourite YouTube video of all time youtu.be/D23sMvVnrow

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@libc clearly why I felt compelled to join Red Hat

@meena I wish!! It's really hot and sunny today, some sites are showing a UV index of 10 😱

I put on sunscreen in order to brave the daystar's rays and _go outside_ today so you know I'm real serious about this farmer's market

@wxcafe oh, maybe they're doing track maintenance on the bridge

The R is still my least favourite train so I'm with you here πŸ˜‚

@wxcafe the Q has always been local in Brooklyn? It's express in Manhattan and the B is express on the Q route in Brooklyn on weekdays

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I planted some brown eyed susans a couple of years back. The first year they flowered a bit, and then withered away in the fall.

Nothing happened last year.

This year we have a riot!

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#SunDIY was putting, in effect, a mesh cage around my asparagus bed to keep cats, foxes and badgers off my young asparagus.

I already had the poles, and got some soft mesh that is also good for keeping out cabbage whites, enabling me to reuse it for brassicas in the future.

I also got some resuable cable ties, so rather than cutting the mesh all to size now, we folded it up and attached the extra ends to the poles. This keeps it neat, and means if I change the bed/dimensions in the future, I have the extra netting.

I've used garden staples to hold the mesh down, but they are easy to pull up to access the veg inside and do any weeding.

The height is needed because asparagus fronds can get very large!

#Gardening #UrbanGarden

@cwebber I am thinking of trying to learn how to make Indian curries

@isagalaev as an urbanist I guarantee you if everyone put the money they put into their cars into this train instead it would suck infinitely less

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Calling the chat app that lets your boss ask you to do work on Saturday "Slack" is some peak tech industry bullshit.

caps lol 

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They are handing out water and apparently we are going to get pushed by another train all the way to Seattle 😱 what an adventure

@yomimono power and AC just came back on so maybe things are looking up πŸŒ₯️

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