I want people to talk to me but I don't wanna have to stare at a screeeeen

Lesbians Who Tech 

@astraluma @agmlego @vyr I'd be shocked if PyCon didn't have this problem tbh. I've been harassed there enough as a cis lady to be confident transphobic harassment must be happening too. Their CoCC has gotten much better since Sage came on board, at least

Lesbians Who Tech 

@astraluma @wxcafe @agmlego @vyr can’t remember who said “you either die an AlterConf or live Iong enough to see yourself become the Grace Hopper,” but can’t unhear it every time some corporate sponsor gives me a free ticket to a virtual LWT event


@bremner I think I'm too solarpunk for that

covid-19 vaccines 

@meena yeah, but they don't know if they work since these groups weren't in the clinical trials

covid-19 vaccines 

"We're sorry, but there's just no data on the performance of vaccines in immunocompromised people"

Fine, I'll *make* data

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Haven't ever had to mail my blood before but there's a first time for everything

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Nothing feels more metal than walking around with a vial of your own blood

I've discovered the single greatest article opener of all time (from Gay Life, 1986)

@aurynn consider: speaking about it means people who didn't pay to play get the ~knowledge~ for free

@aurynn imho "look at this cool thing I did, perhaps you'll learn something" is not an advertising pitch

@aurynn I think you could give an overview for sure, not in-depth obviously

@aurynn talk about the work it took to build Cloud Island

(maybe leave out yeeting all the people telling you to run it on DigitalOcean foe $10/mo 🤣)

100% authentic, hi-fi digital clipping and 64Kbps mp3 emulation for the discerning audiophile.

@njoseph lol a co-worker once told me Joy of Clojure killed their work book club

@josemanuel @njoseph I work my ass off. It is also accurate to say that privilege is a huge factor in being able to land the jobs I've had, and that my paid work is the main reason that I can make such contributions. It's further true that it probably took me an extra few years to get here compared to the average FOSS contributor because of who I am.

I've watched very smart and capable people be gatekept and railroaded because they don't fit in. Tech worker pay can be life-changing, and that can pose a risk to the status quo. Thus, it's mainly rewarded to those who fit the mold, even when others are far more competent but don't fit in, because they risk upsetting the system.

This view is coloured by my perspective as an immigrant to the US, where I've seen how the Silicon Valley venture capitalists shape tech, how in spite of my skills I am frequently set up to fail, and how workers in this country cannot opt out of paid jobs, often with large companies, because health care is attached to them.

@msavoritias @josemanuel @njoseph I agree with all that.

Unfortunately intellectual property agreements with employers as well as conflicting work assignments are a reality for many workers.

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