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bread 🍞 



Nothing screams "sustainability crisis in open source" like "we expect our $800/ticket conference to sell out for the opportunity to meet corporate founders, executives, and investors"

Yesterday my coworkers dragged me into doing a bunch of touristy things

Movers finished loading in under an hour. I have relinquished my keys πŸ™Š


My friend Emily taught me how to make GIFs so enjoy these sword lesbians courtesy of 🀺

Today I hosted a TEA PARTY and I got to make tea sandwiches β˜•πŸ’–


.@o0karen0o is always so full of free and open source software wisdom!! Great to have her as a guest on our Initiative panel event tonight πŸ˜„

Image description: Karen addressing the meetup audience, speaking into a microphone, flanked by two other panelists.

Look what I made my blinky do!!!

Video description: a red Adafruit circuit playground express board with 10 LEDs alternately blinking Python yellow and blue 🐍

I GOT POKÉMON CARDS AT !!!! omg look at my shiny Chansey!!!



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