What you think being on a board is like: glamorous public appearances, keynotes, travel, glory
What being on a board is actually like: reports. reports. committees. so many reports. ... budgeeeeeeet

"However, donations alone rarely ever raise enough funds to support paying
full-time developers for their work. The current level of funding seems to provide at most marginal observable benefits to project productivity in terms of variables we measured" twitter.com/cra/status/1252235

Trapped inside for the indefinite future, far from plants, but my Japanese maple survived its first winter with me πŸ₯°πŸ’–

One of my favourite mugs is a misprint from a hackathon at @geofft's old job and honestly I think it's a pretty accurate description of my development style

Ever time a website loads with the caption "Working..." I immediately hear Majel Barrett's voice in my head

me @ garbage mailing list threads that keep coming back from the dead

.@OpenSourceOrg elections are live! I just cast my vote. πŸ—³οΈ

Check your email for your ballot and voting information! If you can't find it, reach out: opensource.org/contact

Look at the beautiful new pin my friend got me 😍😍

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