Today's progress on the PiDP-11: 64 LEDs successfully soldered. I had put all the spacers on backwards and had to swap them >_< all fixed now!!

Today I gave my plants a lot of care and tending, and I think it shows 😊

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I started assembling my PiDP-11 kit last night! Soldered 37 diodes, 18 resistors, and (after this photo) the GPIO header for the raspi and socket for the IC. Next time: 64 LEDs 😱

In the afternoon I went to a workshop, learned a bunch of taxonomy and care instructions, and got my own Cape Sundew to take home with me πŸ˜„

It's still looking pretty wintry at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden but there are some signs of spring...

For I'm attending Making Brooklyn Bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden! πŸ˜„

There are all sorts of excellent workshops and lectures. This morning, I'm in a workshop on refugee food traditions, and learning how to cook callaloo and fish with Rose and Bintou 🌱🐟

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