"I choose software freedom over convenience" is pretty damning for those of us who'd prefer that our free software was convenient

"Software freedom" is not a moral good by itself, because software is a tool, not a person; the value of FOSS is by providing people with digital autonomy.

People are free. Software can help free them.

@ehashman foss programmers just doom themselves and their projects when they start to believe those two are opposite. and i suspect most of it is just an excuse for elitism

@ehashman certain common ideologies have done a really good job selling "doing the Right Thing is its own reward"

as if one could determine what's Right from first principles

i really like "software is not a moral good"

@ehashman the basic idea of "people should have control over the computers they own rather than the other way round" seems like a very good one but the way they've tried to implement that in practice is so shortsighted and unimaginative that it really says a lot about the utter incompetence of the movement's leaders

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