The Head of Strategy at Muse Group has now threatened someone publicly on the basis of their immigration status:

This has NO place in free software and I'm ashamed and embarrassed on their behalf.

This is the same company involved in the wildly unpopular Audacity takeover:

The Register has a piece covering this now: "An open-source dev critical of Beijing, a row over copyright, and an alleged threat of deportation to China"

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@ehashman countries of the world should try to recruit good dissidents damn it

@ehashman the worst part of this is combined with the statements about collecting data for law enforcement, this surely makes Audacity at least risky if not actively dangerous for activists editing something like a podcast/music that might annoy their country's government...

@ehashman I'm gonna be the devil's advocate here:

> So, both repositories remain up, for now, not because we are powerless to take it down... it is that the process of exercising this power could very literally ruin the actual life of another person.

> At the same time, the company is legally obligated to enforce violation of copyrighted works licensed to them. There will soon come a time where hesitation is no longer possible.

> But do keep in mind that enforcement may also come from any one of the rights holders of the hundreds of thousands of copyrighted works illegally distributed at any time. It is unlikely that any others will be as empathetic.

I *could* see how that could be a threat, but it appears workedintheory is just posing the possible consequences here.
> I will have to transfer information about you to lawyers who will cooperate with and Chinese government to physically find you

This earlier statement is more clearly threatening tho.

@ehashman the telemetry thing, there's a lot of blame on both sides.

This? This is inexcusable. What the actual fuck?

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