@avanc @c0c0bird In their FAQ it says: "No element of the Pl@ntNet application shall be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, downloaded, distorted, transmitted or distributed, howsoever done, partially or integrally, without the written and prior authorization from Pl@ntNet, except for the strict needs of the press and provided that the intellectual property rights and any other mentioned property rights are being respected." ...


#FloraIncognita and #PlantNet are both similar apps to identify plants via your smartphone. Both are scientific projects, funded with public money - one in Germany, one in France. They are however not #OpenSource, do not share data via Open Standards nor let reuse their trained AI models. No #DigitalSustainability, no cooperation model, no future.

Anyone here knows about an existing open source plant identification app?

@plants #publiccode
@avanc @c0c0bird

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