Three days left in Pride month. Three charities. I will match up to $1000 each. Please toot or DM me your receipts!

🌈 LGBTQ Freedom Fund
🌈 Gender Justice League
🌈 Trans Lifeline

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Can't believe that we've already hit my match for Trans Lifeline!!

Please show Gender Justice League and the LGBTQ Bail Fund some love πŸ’–

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Current stats:

$500 raised for the LGBTQ Freedom Fund ($500 match left!)
$200 raised for the Gender Justice League ($800 match left!)
$1000 matched for Trans Lifeline *plus* an additional $300 raised in individual and employer match 😊

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AHHHH we made my match already πŸ˜³β€‹ Thanks so much to everyone who donated :queer100:​ πŸŒˆβ€‹ πŸ’—β€‹

Grants submitted!

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