@josemanuel @njoseph oh bug off. there's no way in the world I'd have been able to contribute to FOSS to the extent I have if my jobs weren't supportive, and I don't even have any dependents. to the point I had to basically take a full year or longer off because work was actively obstructing me from working in FOSS and the time I was trying to spend on it was burning me out, so I just ended up feeling guilty and awful all the time.

I frequently think about how lucky I am that after working in this field for a decade, I'm finally being paid full-time to work on an upstream project.

@ehashman @josemanuel @njoseph

This is not the norm though.
You are one of the blessed priviledged exceptions.
And personally i dont wouldnt want the supervision/blessing of my employer to contribute somewhere


@msavoritias @josemanuel @njoseph I agree with all that.

Unfortunately intellectual property agreements with employers as well as conflicting work assignments are a reality for many workers.

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