Today in Freenode "on-topic" policy changes:
- using your old channels to point to a new network? BANNED 🙅‍♀️
- hate speech? Oh that's cool now nbd 👌

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"Why is everyone leaving Freenode, the IRC network seized in a unilateral takeover by a guy who accused his critics of 'ritual defamation' and cited T*chRights and PG?"

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"our letter^Wnetwork has more signatures^Wusers!!!!! we won!!!" huh I'm having some deja vu

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Someone points out to me that hate speech is still banned on Freenode, "in accordance with UK law"

Let me rephrase that for you: "we are only willing to take a stance on hate speech to the extent we don't want to take on liability"

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TIL if everyone leaves your network and you want to avoid the appearance that it's empty, you can simply take over all the migrated channels and fill them with sockpuppets!

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"We're the biggest IRC network" okay show us your daily active, non-bot user counts over the last month :)))

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@ehashman well, looks like I'm going to get banned later today when I officially do the lockdown/redirect in topic/close/kick people thing for a few channels.

Oh well.


@Greg @ehashman dude removed all doubt a while ago, but none of this is exactly shaking my confidence that bailing on freenode is the right and necessary thing to do.

@ehashman “ritual defamation?” Which religion is that a ritual for by the way? Westburrough Baptist?

@ehashman Sadly I think the people involved don't have many friends left to laugh at them.

@ehashman honestly i suspect freenode will probablt resort to this too as the numbers go down

@libc declaring open season on disloyal channels and removing bans on people who were kicked out of communities is about as sockpuppet as it gets

@ehashman what a thoroughly sleazy blog post. Says it all really

@ehashman i am… struggling, i guess? to understand this guy’s end game w/ all of this. like even in the most selfish light i can think of, this whole thing seems like a lot of effort?

@pat this is the logical escalation of being handed increasing amounts of ownership where no one ever told you "no"


I have also received hundreds of reports from project leads on freenode that they are being harassed and are at risk of being canceled if they do not leave, to Libera. This activity does not belong in FOSS. Stop it.

FuCkInG cAnCeLlOvIrUs!!1! lel

@ehashman Dude can’t configure git correctly and doesn’t change the name of his MacBook Air. 😑

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