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I see that you signed the open letter to "remove RMS". Are you aware that the open letter spreads some severe accusations that are known to be false?

Please read here:

For me it is hard to understand how people could sign that. Whatever your goal is, spreading false accusations is not an acceptable method. How do you justify signing something like that?


@eliasr The accusations are not false. We directly quoted his blog.

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@ehashman Look at the appendix of the open letter, the very first link there, the link called "0". That leads directly to the false accusations.

Again, please read where the problems are explained in some detail.

I think when you have signed such a thing, you cannot reasonably look away and pretend like nothing when it turns out that you have contributed to the spread of severe false accusations. Please read and think about it, it's important.

@eliasr I've read the article in detail. Just because you disagree with it doesn't make the accusations false.

It shows bad faith for you to accuse me of having neither read nor thought about this. I request that you provide the benefit of the doubt to the people you're demanding it from.

@ehashman I'm trying to understand your thinking here.

The appendix of the open letter directly links to something false. This is a fact, it is not a matter of opinion.

Look at the reference "2" in the appendix. It is the Vice article with title "Famed Computer Scientist Richard Stallman Described Epstein Victims As 'Entirely Willing'". That is false.

Do you understand that the statement in the title of that Vice article is false?

@ehashman @eliasr "RMS ( is not a valid source for the views of RMS" Is such an obviously crap take.


> ( is not a valid
> source for the views of RMS"
> Is such an obviously crap take.

What do you mean? Who has such a take?

I recommend reading this:

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