Now I'm vaguely wondering if it is possible to build a working GNU-free Linux that will run on hardware? People normally point to Alpine/musl but I've only ever seen that running in a container with an underlying kernel built with gcc 🤔 is anyone doing this??

This is surprisingly complicated!

Alpine appears to use gcc to build by default:

Three Linux distros build with LLVM: Android and ChromeOS (both built by Google) and OpenMandriva (experimental clang support for kernel builds only)

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@ehashman I booted a GNUless Linux on my thinkpad yesterday but it's not remotely unixy; it's a luajit-based unit which loaded straight into a fennel repl inside my emacs clone.

not sure if that counts?

@technomancy > Prerequisites: gcc build tools

Sounds like it fails my nerdsnipe! (I want the kernel to be built with no gcc for this weird thought exercise 😜)

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