tech-ctte was cc'd on this bug today and I am very curious if we will be asked to make a decision on it 👀


LWN did a great write-up on this bug:

I'd add that you can see the ctte's discussion on the topic thus far in our public minutes (including my hot takes):

@ehashman every argument you made was voicing a different tiny complaint I've felt. I read through that chat log cheering you on.

This one really stuck out to me as a user:

> most of these applications have basically given up on OS packaging, they either provide their own debs via a PPA or generally say "do not install using a distro package manager ever"

It sucks when they do that. Thank you for fighting this fight!

@mikeburns generally I think sentiment from the ctte is that overruling the maintainer wouldn't make sense for a multitude of reasons, but not everyone was able to attend the last meeting so I must wait until we reach an official consensus :)

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