Pretty sure the first thing I saw upon descent into Amsterdam is a grow-op

Schipol looks like something out of dystopian sci-fi


I visited Technologia Incognita, they have a cool network tap 😎

image description 

Train time!

Guess I must blend in... I got a "danke" when my ticket was scanned but the Americans got an emphatic "thank you"

Got to ride _another_ new train today, and look at how pretty this station is lit up by the sunset 😭

I cannot believe you can get a croissant *on* the station platforms here???

image description 

image description 

image description 

@ehashman I sincerely hope you got a "dank u wel" or "dank je wel" rather than a "danke" because the latter would be German and not Dutch...

@bikejourno I'm on a Deutschebahn train, headed to Berlin :)

@ehashman Oh, my fault: seeing the yellow and blue NS trains and the image of stroopwafels, I concluded that you were still in the Netherlands. Quite a day to arrive in Berlin, 30 years after the wall came down. Enjoy!

@bikejourno yup, headed over from Amsterdam Centraal! And I definitely don't look Dutch 😂😭

It was an interesting choice of travel date for my first time in Berlin...

@ehashman dang, and I thought the shops near Japanese train stations were impressive

@saper I had no preconceptions going in and it was very pretty 😊

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