The best way to pressure the FSF to sever ties with RMS is to cancel your membership/recurring donations and let the board know why.

RMS is viewed as the main driver of donations and support for the FSF, an asset as opposed to a liability. 💸 talks

@ehashman -

Assuming RMS hasn't gone and harassed anyone:

Wouldn't it be better if people put their strengths together instead of taking advantage of other's weaknesses?

I often find Stallman's approach off-putting. I'd like to see more empathy and problem solving than purist elitism.

An empathetic problem solver could prove themselves by brining new people in and encouraging effective, compassionate culture.

Kicking a man off his life's work feels like backbiting politics. Don't need more of that.



There are many other stories but they are not mine to tell.

I do think the statement "assuming RMS hasn't gone and harassed anyone" is pretty big leap of faith given that a lot of his public writing would be considered harassment in many professional contexts.

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