The best way to pressure the FSF to sever ties with RMS is to cancel your membership/recurring donations and let the board know why.

RMS is viewed as the main driver of donations and support for the FSF, an asset as opposed to a liability. 💸 talks

The fiduciary duty of any organization's board is to protect the organization and ensure its future sustainability.

If you want to see change and you choose to withdraw support from the FSF because of RMS' role there, the board needs to know that.

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rms, resignation 

RMS has resigned as FSF president and from the board of directors:

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@ehashman sometimes people just need to retire lest they destroy their legacy

@ehashman -

Assuming RMS hasn't gone and harassed anyone:

Wouldn't it be better if people put their strengths together instead of taking advantage of other's weaknesses?

I often find Stallman's approach off-putting. I'd like to see more empathy and problem solving than purist elitism.

An empathetic problem solver could prove themselves by brining new people in and encouraging effective, compassionate culture.

Kicking a man off his life's work feels like backbiting politics. Don't need more of that.


There are many other stories but they are not mine to tell.

I do think the statement "assuming RMS hasn't gone and harassed anyone" is pretty big leap of faith given that a lot of his public writing would be considered harassment in many professional contexts.

@ehashman btw, if you do so there are a few other entities that are working to promote free software, with similar levels of devotion to its principles (but more an approach to inclusivity).

Moving your donation to one such entity may be a good idea, so that on the whole Free Software isn't hurt.

@valhalla yeah for sure; just for example, I'm on the board of the Open Source Initiative, and I'm a staunch supporter of @conservancy


@aurynn WOOOOOAH


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