Today's Amtrak adventure: stuck in a car with broken HVAC, and they need to reset the GPS so we're stuck waiting 25m 😬

They were kind enough to try to move everyone out of that car (which might be for safety reasons, it was very very hot) and now I have a single seat in an aisle πŸŽ‰

What kind of asshole takes a 10m phonecall in a train bathroom? The kind who rides Amtrak apparently

Amtrak update: less than 20m from my final destination and apparently our _engine has failed_???

Small blessings: while engine failure has taken out the AC, we apparently still have enough power that the restrooms are still in order

They are handing out water and apparently we are going to get pushed by another train all the way to Seattle 😱 what an adventure

caps lol 

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