sudo apt install anarchism

I'm not kidding.

There's a package in the Ubuntu repos called 'anarchism', and it's a collection of simple html pages explaining the basics of #anarchism.


@teslas_moustache @kittybecca a bunch of folks even got it printed on t-shirts! At some point the anarchism package was controversial :)

@kittybecca @teslas_moustache it's a Debian thing, Ubuntu people just redistribute it 😄 but of course no obligation to try out either, I just thought you might like to see the graphic

@ehashman @kittybecca yeah, I remember when that came out. I just thought it was funny, like "ah, if only" but nope, it's a thing.

I said it's in the Ubuntu repos because that's what I'm using. I guarantee you if I said it was in the Arch repos ppl wouldn't be pointing this out.

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